September 8, 2010

Health Retreat near Boulder to Feature Gluten-Free Foods and Outdoor Activities

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Great news for outdoor, exercise, and gluten-free food enthusiasts in the Boulder area: Nicole Irlbeck and Christine Neff, both Boulder business owners and personal trainers, are hosting the “Girlfriends’ Getaway,” a weekend event that will be held in Golden Gate Canyon State Park at the start of October. As the name implies, this is a retreat for women, so grab one of your female friends or family members and leave the men and boys in your life behind to toil in civilization for the weekend.

The event – which will commence at 9:00 am Saturday, Oct. 2 and conclude the following day at noon – will feature a guided run or hike, outdoor circuit training, yoga, and mind-body activities. Gourmet meals and snacks will be served in between these activities, and they’re all gluten-free!

Participants will stay overnight in the state park at the Harmsen Ranch. Almost every room of the ranch’s lodging has a fireplace, so the chill of the fall night can be as distant as you want it to be.

Each pair of individuals pays a fee of $350 for the retreat, but for an extra $50 per person, you can stay at the ranch for an additional night. A light dinner will be provided should you choose to stay. No official events are scheduled for this extra night, so the time is reserved for nothing but “unstructured girl-time,” as the retreat’s brochure puts it.

The Girlfriends’ Getaway is presented by Women’s Wild Adventure, which has hosted other events, most recently a 24-hour experience in August that also took place at Harmsen Ranch and featured many of the same activities as this coming October’s health retreat. This event was also hosted by Nicole and Christine, so in addition to working in the health and fitness field, they have specific experience guiding these types of events. You should be in good hands!

More information about the event and its hosts can be found at the following link:

If you would like to reserve a spot, email Christine at the following address: cneff at Alternatively, you can send a $50 check per person to 11899 Begole Circle, Golden, CO 80403.

If you attend this event, be sure to leave a comment about your experience once you get back!

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