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Crumb Bakery of Boulder and Their Gluten-Free Specialty Desserts

Gluten Free Pound Cake

Crumb Bakery, officially just Crumb (or so their website implies), is a small bakery specializing in both regular and gluten-free desserts that was recently founded in Boulder. Less than 18 months old, Crumb is very much in its infancy, but they have already established a bit of reputation, in part because their products are sold at the three Laughing Goat locations, all popular coffee shops in Boulder, and in part because their gluten-free pound cake is to die for, to use that gruesome, and gruesomely overused, cliche. (They also have well-regarded gluten-free chocolate cake and gluten-free brownies.) To figure out what Crumb is all about, Gluten Free in Boulder contacted the owners of the new bakery, as well as sampled some of their offerings. Below are our findings.

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