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Vitamin Cottage, Purveyor of Gluten-Free Foods and Resources, Now Open Later!

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

If you eat gluten-free and live in Boulder, you are probably aware (or at least should be aware) of Vitamin Cottage, more expansively known Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. In addition to being a popular health food store, NGVC sells lots of gluten-free foods and supplies a number of excellent (and free) resources for the gluten-free community. We were therefore delighted to learn that Vitamin Cottage has just recently expanded their store hours at their Boulder and Layette locations, giving shoppers in the Boulder area some extra aisle-pursuing time in the morning or at night.

Free Gluten-Free Coaching, Classes, and Resources at Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

If you are a Boulder resident who eats gluten-free, there is a good chance you have visited, or are at least aware of, the Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage in town, the grocery store whose prolix name sounds like a book and its author. (The store, however, is generally just called “Natural Grocers” or “Vitamin Cottage,” and in writing is often just NGVC, so the full “Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage,” vaguely bothersome because of the bizarre context in which the preposition “by” is used, is infrequently trotted out.) We are not writing this article, however, to analyze the store’s name, but rather to emphasize that NGVC is much more than anther Boulder grocery store with lots of gluten-free food. In addition to serving this function, the grocer provides services like store tours and educational sessions, and these can be of great help to those looking to live a full gastronomic life under the constraints of the gluten-free diet.

New Line of Gluten-Free Cheesecake and Gluten-Free Key Lime Pie Released in Boulder

Berry Best Smoothies in Boulder is no stranger to gluten-free foods. We’ve celebrated the gluten-free items available at Berry Best Smoothies before, and the shop’s website has a prominent section detailing the many gluten-free foods available in the store.

The Gluten Free Bistro of Boulder Supplies Street Legal Pizza with Gluten-Free Crust

Thanks to a new crust, Street Legal Pizza of Flatiron Crossing Mall is now serving gluten-free pizza, providing one more restaurant option to hungry shoppers with a gluten intolerance. The gluten-free pizza crust is supplied to Street Legal by The Gluten Free Bistro, which distributes gluten-free products to over 25 eateries in Boulder and the larger Colorado area.

Indulge Bakery Supplies the Boulder Area with Gluten-Free Treats

Having a sweet tooth and a gluten intolerance can be hard to reconcile. However, gluten-free residents of Boulder and the surrounding area are not without resources to meet their desire for sugary treats. Despair not, your fix can be had!

For Gluten-Free Bread and Pastries in Boulder, It’s All Good Patisserie has you Covered

Here at GlutenFreeInBoulder.com, we’re delighted when we discover that a Boulder store or restaurant has some gluten-free items. “Oh, did you hear about so-and-so’s restaurant – they make a few of their appetizers without gluten and there’s even a gluten-free dessert!” While we are enthusiastic about these offerings and always happily welcome them, we experience particular satisfaction when we learn of a food establishment that is entirely dedicated to serving the needs of those with a gluten intolerance. And it is for this reason that we are eager to introduce our readers to (or perhaps just remind them of) It’s All Good, a patisserie that relieves the Boulder community’s hunger for gluten-free baked goods.

In Boulder and the Surrounding Area, Diamond Baking Co. can Cater to Your Gluten Intolerance and Your Event

Imagine this scenario: you’re about to get married and you’re trying to select a wedding cake that will be delicious and therefore broadly appealing to your guests. This is a difficult situation to be placed in, but it’s especially trying if you’re gluten intolerant. It’s hard to find a good gluten-free dessert for any occasion, let alone a wedding or other consequential event. Thankfully, Diamond Baking Co. exists to address problems precisely like the one just described.

Adaba Foods in Boulder is Gluten Free From Top to Bottom

When creating content for this site, we are confronted with the task of categorizing the subject on which we write. Normally, this is simply enough: a restaurant is, well, a restaurant, and hence it is categorized as such. And the same goes for recipes and products. However, Adaba Foods, which is based in Boulder, presents an interesting classification challenge because the company seems to offer about every service a gluten-free eater – or really any eater, for that matter – might want.

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