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Boulder’s Blooming Beets Offers Their Paleo Recipes for Free!

Blooming Beets Paleo Boulder

Regular readers of Gluten Free in Boulder will recognize that we previewed Blooming Beets last year, before they opened, and we have since eaten there several times, and their food is fantastic! It is the place to go if you are gluten-free, or vegan or both, even if you aren’t [...] Read more »

Gluten-Free Pasta and Bread at Twisted Noodle in Longmont

gluten free twisted noodle

When searching for new gluten-free eating opportunities in and around Boulder, we take a special satisfaction in finding GF options in surprising places, and a restaurant specifically dedicated to pasta certainly counts as a surprising place. It was therefore with pleasure and excitement that we learned of Twisted Noodle in Longmont, a pasta-centric restaurant with plenty of gluten-free options. Fittingly, these options include gluten-free pasta dishes, but there is also gluten-free bread and garlic bread, as well a gluten-free soup and dessert. The restaurant has actually been open since last September, but our first chance to visit came last week, and we are happy to report that Twisted Noodle is both delicious and economical.

Great Greek Food in Boulder – including Gluten-Free and Vegetarian!

Volta Boulder Gluten Free

With great pleasure we recently learned that Boulder has a Greek restaurant, Volta, that serves a number of gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. Indeed, almost everything at Volta can be made GF, and the vegetarian dishes are abundant and easy to discern on the menu. The restaurant has actually been open for over a year, but we only recently found out about it and wanted to share our discovery with our readers. We have also been in contact with a server at the restaurant who gave us some details about the gluten-free and vegetarian options, and these will be helpful to keep in mind if you decide to visit Volta.

Gluten-Free Fried Chicken at Yellowbelly in Boulder

Gluten Free Yellowbelly

As a rule, we try not to evaluate a new gluten-free eating opportunity in Boulder when we are famished. Piercing hunger can make even the most bland food delicious; a rice cake is a gourmet meal for the starving. However, a fortuitous combination of factors led us to the doorstep of Yellowbelly (occasionally written incorrectly as “Yellow Belly”) in Boulder the other night, and we weren’t going to not review the restaurant simply because we were abnormally hungry. That would be absurd. So, we ignored our rule and ate at Yellowbelly, which has been recommended to us by multiple people as an excellent restaurant with a range of gluten-free food, including, of course, gluten-free chicken. Yellowbelly is in fact delicious – it’s gluten-free fried chicken is superb – and we are confident we’d say this regardless of the extent of our hunger.

Gluten-Free Breakfast in Boulder at Dot’s Dinner

Dot's Diner Huevos Rancheros

There are two Dot’s Diners in Boulder, and both places offer plenty of gluten-free options and call attention to this fact. The Dot’s Diner menu has a text box that reports that “gluten-free options [are] available at no extra charge,” and this is one of the few pieces of information featured on the restaurant’s otherwise simple and austere website. We recently went to the 28th Street location (the other one is on of the Hill) to try something ourselves, to see if the quantity of the gluten-free choices affirmed or belied their quality.

Gluten-Free Hot Dogs at Mustard’s Last Stand in Boulder

Mustard's Last Stand

We don’t eat hot dogs very often, but when we do, we like them to be reasonably high-quality, loaded with condiments, and obviously gluten-free. This last requirement can be somewhat challenging, not only because regular hot dog buns contain gluten, but also because some hot dogs contain gluten. However, we knew that Mustard’s Last Stand uses Vienna Beef Hot Dogs, which are gluten-free, and we also recently discovered that they explicitly call attention to their gluten-free menu options, so we decided to stop into the restaurant on a recent afternoon in Boulder for a gluten-free hot dog. (We could have, for the record, stopped in for much more than a gluten-free hot dog. Mustard’s Last Stand has lots of vegetarian and vegan options, including vegetarian hot dogs and hamburgers, and there is even a vegetarian reuben.)

Julia’s Kitchen, the Entirely Gluten-Free Bakery and Cafe of Boulder, has Moved

Julias Kitchen

We decided to let Julia’s Kitchen and Cafe get settled into their new location before announcing their move from north Boulder to slightly-less north Boulder. When Julia’s Kitchen, a leading light in Boulder’s gluten-free scene because of its absolute commitment to GF food, announced their move, they described their opening as “soft,” and that they may need “a little extra patience as we get our bearings.” But now, with their move completed about two months ago, we are confident they are fully settled into their new place, where they are still selling excellent gluten-free treats and dishes.

Fresh Thymes Eatery, Boulder’s Entirely Gluten-Free Restaurant

Fresh Thymes Eatery

Fresh Thymes Eatery of Boulder is kind of a big deal. Ever since it opened, it’s been much discussed and, as far as we can tell, wildly successful. Indeed, on our recent trip there, the entirely gluten-free restaurant was packed from wall to wall, and in fact the crowd spilled outside, where people ate in not particularly warm weather. Fresh Thymes (sometimes mistakenly written as “fresh times” for reasons of pronunciation) does have excellent food by any standard, gluten-free or otherwise, so the hype is understandable. If you are looking for a wide selection of high-quality, professionally-prepared food that happens to be gluten-free, Fresh Thymes is definitely worth a visit.

Eating Gluten-Free Chinese Food at Zoe Ma Ma in Boulder

Zoe Ma Ma

Chinese food almost always sounds good, even at 11:00 AM on a Sunday after a late Saturday night. Partially by desire and partially by necessity, we found ourselves at Zoe Ma Ma in Boulder to sample their gluten-free Chinese food on a recent morning. We went out of desire because we’re fans of Chinese food, which thanks to rice noodles (and despite soy sauce) is often gluten-free, and we went out of necessity because the distant shores of Italy call, temporarily removing us from Boulder and its abundance of gluten-free restaurants. We’ll still write about Boulder’s gluten-free scene while away based on past experiences and our sources on the ground, but we wanted to get in one more traditional review before fleeing the country again. While Zoe Ma Ma doesn’t have a ton of gluten-free options, the GF dishes they do have are worth trying, at least based on the excellent meal we had a few mornings ago.

Gluten-Free Bagels Now Available at Moe’s Bagel Shop in Boulder

Moes Bagels

A bagel almost always sounds good in the morning, so not infrequently we wake up and hunt for a bagel shop or bagel store. The problem is that regular bagels aren’t gluten-free, and despite the growing variety of gluten-free offerings around Boulder, we’ve still had trouble tracking down a bagel shop that sells gluten-free bagels. We say we had trouble finding gluten-free bagels in Boulder because this is (for the most part) no longer an issue. Moe’s Bagels, staple of Boulder and undoubtedly one of the best bagel shops in town, now offers gluten-free bagels. We went in over the weekend to try Moe’s gluten-free bagels, which had been on our radar for a while, and below we share the first gluten-free bagel experience we’ve had in a while.

Pekoe Sip House in Boulder, Where Tons of Gluten-Free and Vegan Treats Go with Tons of Teas

Pekoe 2

We are no strangers to coffee shops in Boulder that serve gluten-free food. (Happily, it is almost redundant to add “that serve gluten-free food,” as almost all coffee shops in Boulder have at least some gluten-free offerings nowadays.) We stop in to shops around Boulder with almost concerning regularity for a caffeine boost. We offer this biographical admission because it at least partially qualifies us to judge the Boulder coffee-shop scene, and one judgement we have reached is that we love Pekoe Sip House. Nearly every item of food on their menu is gluten-free, vegan, or both, and they offer a dizzying array of beverages, including nearly 100 teas, several wellness drinks, and a selection of coffees and espressos. Basically, if you are fond of consuming liquid, you should be able to find a drink at Pekoe, one that will go nicely with a gluten-free snack.

Ozo Coffee of Boulder has an Admirably Large Selection of Gluten-Free Snacks

We’ve long been fans of Ozo Coffee – they have some of the best coffee in Boulder – so it is a bit perplexing that we haven’t celebrated their extensive lineup of gluten-free snacks before. This is doubly perplexing because these gluten-free options have been available right from the start, when Ozo opened in Boulder in 2007, so it’s not like this is a new development. In any case, Ozo does have tons of gluten-free snacks and treats to compliment your coffee, and that’s the important point, the one we are here to write about. If you are looking for a coffee shop with lots gluten-free food options, definitely give Ozo a try.

Gluten-Free Waffle Cakes Offered Around Boulder are Confirmed to be Delicious

It took us a while, but we finally tried a gluten-free waffle cake, one made by the appropriately named company Waffles Cakes, which operates out of a food truck that you can find in the Boulder, Denver, and Longmont area on weekends and Mondays. We had heard only good things about these gluten-free waffle cakes and now we know why: they are delicious, and in a perfectly unique way. They don’t really taste like anything we’ve had before. We highly recommend a visit to the Waffle Cakes food truck so you can try a gluten-free waffle cake yourself.

A Gluten-Free Trip to Aspen Leaf Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt in Gunbarrel Near Boulder

Recently, we made the unusual decision to go get frozen yogurt in the morning. We were in the Gunbarrel area, slightly to the northeast of Boulder, so there was really only one option: Aspen Leaf Frozen Yogurt. It turned out to be a good option, though, as there were lots of gluten-free frozen yogurts to choose from – 11 of the 12 yogurts were gluten-free, by our count – and there were also a number of gluten-free toppings available, although these were somewhat hard to pick out (more on this below). Overall, we had a nice, if unconventional, breakfast at Aspen Leaf recently, and it’s worth checking it out if you’re ever in the Gunbarrel area.

Boom Frozen Yogurt Bar in Boulder Offers Lots of Local, Gluten-Free Toppings and Vegan Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt tends to be gluten-free, so the fact that Boom frozen yogurt buffet serves gluten-free frozen yogurt isn’t extraordinary. What makes Boom relevant to the gluten-free scene in Boulder is that they have so many gluten-free toppings, gluten-free toppings that also happen to be sourced from local Boulder companies. (Well, not all of them are – there are dozens of toppings – but several of them are, and Boom openly attempts to source their products from local Boulder companies whenever possible.) Boom also has a frozen “yogurt” made with almond milk, so there are gluten-free vegan frozen yogurt options as well. On a hot Boulder afternoon a few days ago, we went to Boom to check them out; we weren’t disappointed.

Excellent Gluten-Free Italian Food at Pastavino in Boulder

A little over two months ago, Pastavino, an excellent Italian restaurant with lots of gluten-free options, opened on Pearl Street in Boulder. We like Italian food and we need gluten-free food, so we knew it was only a matter of time before we visited Pastaivo. It was, as predicted, only a matter of time, as we ate at Pastavino on a recent afternoon. It’s an excellent restaurant with great service, so we recommend readers give Pastavino a try if they are ever looking for gluten-free Italian food in Boulder.

Looking for Gluten-Free Mexican Food in Boulder? Try Agave.

In Boulder, near the corner of 28th and Valmont, tucked away in the corner of a multi-ethnic strip mall with a place called “India’s Grocery” and a Chinese restaurant, you will find Agave, a wonderful Mexican restaurant with an abundance of gluten-free food (and gluten-free margaritas). We’ve known about their gluten-free options for a couple of weeks now, and a few acquaintances have recommended the place to us, so we went to check them out recently. The food was great, the service excellent, and gluten-free possibilities extensive, so we highly recommend Agave in Boulder.

Casa Alvarez of Boulder and its Excellent Gluten-Free Mexican Food

Every so often, humans are struck with the urge to consume a particular type of food. As humans, we experience this desire too. Our most recent urge centered on Mexican food, which is fairly easy to come by in a place like Boulder, so we set off to find some gluten-free Mexican food. A little research led us to Boulder’s Casa Alvarez, a Mexican restaurant with a large selection of gluten-free food (and therefore, of course, gluten-free Mexican food). Their selection is so large, in fact, that they have an entirely separate menu detailing their gluten-free dishes. This menu and the excellent dishes on it make Casa Alvarez a perfect place to get gluten-free Mexican food in Boulder.

Bogey’s Gluten-Free Options Confirmed to be Good

Bogey’s, a restaurant near Boulder with a robust gluten-free selection, first came to our attention during an international adventure. We were thousands of miles away from Boulder when the owner emailed us about his gluten-free dishes, so we remotely wrote an article about Bogey’s gluten-free offerings, and then promised that we would visit the restaurant when we returned home to check it out in person. This in-person visit just occurred, and we are happy to report that Bogey’s is a fine restaurant overall, in addition to being a gluten-free friendly establishment. We knew the latter and have now confirmed the former.

Native Foods Opens, Bringing Delicious Gluten-Free Vegan Food to Boulder

We recently wrote about Native Foods opening a store in Boulder, an event that we were extremely pleased to announce. Native Foods is one of our all-time favorite restaurants, and we were beside ourselves with anticipation awaiting its official opening. When it opened, we pounced, visiting the restaurant within mere days of its opening (and we have visited it multiple times since). As we described in considerable detail in our last article about Native Foods, the restaurant has a wide range of gluten-free options, especially if you’re familiar with the restaurant’s offerings. Native Foods is also an entirely vegan operation, meaning, of course, that it offers the ever-elusive gluten-free vegan food – some of the best vegan food we’ve ever had, we hasten to add. It’s hard enough finding vegan food and gluten-free food, and harder still to find a dish that adheres to both dietary restrictions, but you can find plenty of delicious options at Native Foods. It is beyond amazing and we give it our highest possible recommendation.

Fine Gluten-Free Italian Food at Carelli’s of Boulder

We’ve been hearing good things about Carelli’s of Boulder for some time, so when we recently learned they have a menu entirely dedicated to their gluten-free options – Italian food like gluten-free pizza and gluten-free pasta – we knew it was time to give them a try. It’s a little expensive (especially for the gluten-free items), at least relative to many of the other restaurants we’ve reviewed, but Carelli’s is a classy place with great food, which we can now say based on (an) experience, so the higher prices are for the most part to be expected. If you’re looking for a nice place to take someone to lunch or dinner, one that also has plenty of gluten-free options to choose from, Carelli’s fits the bill perfectly.

The Gluten-Free Menu at Aji Latin American Restaurant in Boulder

We’ve reviewed a lot of gluten-free restaurants in and around Boulder, and today we went to one of the best we’ve ever visited: Aji Latin American Restaurant. It was a pleasure to dine there for lunch on a recent afternoon, but it was actually a little stressful because the whole time we were desperately trying to note all of what makes Aji great. (Aji has much more going for it than their excellent, well-organized gluten-free menu.) We strongly recommend Aji to our readers, gluten intolerant or otherwise.

Excellent Gluten-Free Bread at Great Harvest in Boulder

You wouldn’t necessarily expect a place called Great Harvest Bread Co. to have much by way of gluten-free offerings. Great Harvest is, indeed, a bread company, and so the majority of their products are not gluten-free, but we recently learned that they make gluten-free bread, so we stopped by on a recent Monday afternoon to give it a try. If there is one place that can make quality gluten-free bread, it has to be a bakery.

The Gluten-Free Options at The Louisville Rex, 15 Minutes from Boulder

On a recent journey from Denver to Boulder, we decided to stop in Louisville for lunch. Having been informed that The Louisville Rex has some gluten-free options, we decided to stop in to check it out. In terms of percentage of menu, The Rex doesn’t have a particularly large gluten-free selection, but this is only because their general offerings are extensive. Overall, there are plenty of GF options, including gluten-free appetizers, gluten-free pizzas, and gluten-free entrees. Our server was nice and the food was good, so we recommend stopping by if you’re ever in Louisville.

A Gluten-Free Coffee Break at Red Rock Coffeehouse in Boulder

There can be no doubt that Boulder has become more accommodating to those on the gluten-free diet over the last year or so, and this trend always comes into sharp relief when we visit coffee shops. In most coffee shops we visit, there are at least a few gluten-free offerings, which is great given that the snacks paired with coffee are often pastries that contain gluten (like muffins or cakes). One particularly nice place to get coffee and a gluten-free treat in Boulder is Red Rock Coffeehouse (sometimes written as “Red Rock Coffee House” online), where we found ourselves on a recent Sunday morning.

Gluten-Free Pie at My Mom’s Pie, a Quick Trip from Boulder

We’re not big pie eaters, but maybe we will be now, as we recently unearthed a gem of a bakery near Boulder (in Niwot) called My Mom’s Pie that makes excellent gluten-free pies. After considering the many tantalizing pie choices, which we will list in due course, we decided to order a blueberry pie, made gluten-free just for us – not that we’re special or anything. My Mom’s Pie will accommodate any request they can, and are happy to make organic pies and sugar-free pies, as well as, of course, gluten-free pies.

A Gluten-Free Breakfast at The Buff in Boulder

The Buff is one of Boulder’s most popular breakfast eateries, and it is easy to see why: the prices are modest, the food is excellent, and it is right in the heart of town, slightly south of 28th and Canyon. Fortunately, The Buff’s menu abounds with gluten-free options, including gluten-free pancakes and gluten-free bread, which can replace the non-GF bread served with a number of dishes, and this opens up this superb restaurant to the gluten-intolerant crowd. On a recent snowy day, we decided to stop by The Buff for a gluten-free breakfast.

Pie in the Sky, the Boulder Producer of Gluten-Free Cakes and Pies, Keeps Expanding

Several months ago, we wrote about a fledgling business in Boulder known as Pie in the Sky and their line of gluten-free cheesecakes and gluten-free key lime pie, which had just recently been launched by the Boulder-based Berry Best Smoothies, to use alliteration to an almost problematic extent. Since the publication of that article, Pie in the Sky – more precisely, Pie in the Sky Bakery – has expanded in a big way: their products are now sold in 27 Whole Foods Markets, all of the stores in the chain’s Western region. When you get your product into Whole Foods, your business has reached a certain threshold, and this achievement certainly warrants some coverage by the local gluten-free press. And that’s where we come in…

Julia’s Kitchen and Cafe in Boulder – 100% Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic and Delicious!

Julia’s Kitchen and Cafe is a very recent addition to Boulder’s food scene, but its owner, Julia Hellerman, is no stranger to Boulder’s foodies. Hellerman’s Adaba Bars are a staple at the Boulder Farmer’s Market, and she brings the gluten-free, vegan, organic and wholesome goodness for which her Adaba Bars are known to everything she touches at her new Julia’s Kitchen and Cafe.

For Great Gluten-Free Soups, San Francisco Soup Company of Boulder is Your Place

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s awesome to review gluten-free restaurants in Boulder, we can assure you it is, especially when we come across a gem like San Francisco Soup Company, which offers a wide array of delicious, healthy gluten-free soups. What’s more, different “Soups of the Day” are inserted on the menu on a rotating basis, so the soup selection, including those soups that are gluten-free, is ever changing. We had an excellent experience at the San Francisco Soup Company when we recently visited, enjoying both the soup we tried and the superb service with which it was served.

Superb Gluten-Free Pizzas Available at Boulder’s Z Pizza

There are a number of places to get excellent gluten-free pizza around Boulder, including Proto’s and Naked Pizza, both of which have been reviewed by us in the last year, and evidently Z Pizza is no exception. Having investigated the gluten-free options online, we decided to visit Z Pizza’s Boulder location on a recent evening and ordered a gluten-free pizza to take home (we also could have ordered it online if we wanted to, as Z Pizza has a convenient portal for doing this on their website, for the record).

Snooze, a New Boulder “A.M. Eatery,” Serves Tons of Delicious Gluten-Free Dishes

Snooze is, frankly, awesome. There is no other way to put it. Even though it opened less than a month ago, this new Boulder restaurant was packed with guests, and for good reason. The food, service, and atmosphere was exceptional, and, near and dear to our hearts, they have a large selection of gluten-free menu items. After a visit there on a recent afternoon, we are more than comfortable offering Snooze our unqualified endorsement.

You Can Get Gluten-Free Breakfast and Lunch at the Walnut Cafe in Boulder!

The good thing about breakfast, from the gluten-free perspective, is that lots of breakfast foods, like eggs and potatoes, as well as meats like bacon, sausage, and ham, are naturally gluten-free. It is for this reason that the Walnut Cafe in Boulder, which offers breakfast until 3:30 PM every day, is a reliable place to find plenty of gluten-free options. What’s more, Walnut Cafe has a few substitutions available, like corn tortillas for flour tortillas and gluten-free french toast for its regular version, to make dishes gluten-free if they aren’t already. To be sure, not every dish on the menu is gluten-free – there aren’t gluten-free waffles or pancakes, for example – but Walnut Cafe still offers an admirable selection for GF eaters, and, for the record, vegetarians and vegans too. We were easily able to find a good meal on a recent visit to the cafe.

Gluten-Free Sandwiches Available at Half Fast Subs, Boulder’s Popular Student Hangout

Half Fast Subs is a student-oriented sandwich shop in a student-oriented part of Boulder: the Hill. It is also a great restaurant that serves a notoriously wide array of excellent sandwiches, some of which are now available gluten-free, as we just learned. Half Fast is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to get a sandwich in a town with no shortage of sandwich shops, so it’s excellent that it offers gluten-free options that are just as delicious as the original items, or at least this is our judgement after a visit to Half Fast on a recent afternoon.

Entire Lunch Buffet is Gluten-Free at Ras Kassa’s in Boulder

On a recent afternoon at Ras Kassa’s, a Boulder restaurant situated near the corner of 30th and Pearl, we were introduced to a rare culinary experience: an Ethiopian, all-you-can-eat buffet that is entirely composed of gluten-free food (besides the injera sponge bread, but it can be made gluten-free upon request). You might expect to come across a gluten-free buffet at one point or another, and the same is true of an Ethiopian buffet, but both at the same time? As it turns out, though, this isn’t all that extraordinary, as Ethiopian food is largely gluten-free without even trying to be. As a kind employee of Ras Kassa’s explained, flour (and sugar, too) isn’t added to many Ethiopian dishes, so the gluten-free diet and Ethiopian cuisine are natural allies.

Looking for Gluten-Free Indian Food? Try Bombay Bistro in Boulder

Ever since hearing that Bombay Bistro has excellent gluten-free Indian food, we’ve been meaning to check them out, but our schedule would never allow it, in part because the popular Boulder restaurant is only open for dinner. On a recent evening, however, we managed to make our way there, and we were amply rewarded for our efforts.

Turley’s of Boulder Offers Guide to Their Excellent Gluten-Free Menu Items

Some restaurants we’ve reviewed in and around Boulder indicate their gluten-free offerings by putting a symbol by them on the regular menu. Others create a standalone menu that lists every gluten-free item available. Turley’s, a well-established restaurant with a long history in Boulder, takes a different approach, one that falls both within and outside the methods used by other restaurants. They have a separate gluten-free menu, but it’s written with reference to the main menu. It is, in essence, a guide to the regular menu, indicating which dishes are gluten-free, or else listing the necessary substitutions to render a menu item gluten-free.

Full Gluten-Free Menu Available a Short Drive from Boulder at Sun Rose Cafe

Sun Rose Cafe – art gallery, music venue, and restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – has a separate and full gluten-free menu, a happy fact we discovered this afternoon on a trip through Longmont. About a 20-minute drive from Boulder, Sun Rose Cafe is a superb eatery, and we encourage anyone traveling through Longmont to stop by for a gluten-free meal.

Udi’s Bread Cafe, a Quick Drive From Boulder, has Delicious Gluten-Free Food

Gluten-free dieters in Boulder are probably familiar with Udi’s gluten-free bread, offered at seemingly every grocery store in Boulder and the surrounding area. Udi’s offers a ton of gluten-free foods, including the aforementioned gluten-free bread, as well as gluten-free bagels and gluten-free pizza crust, among other items. Udi’s, in short, is very much a part of the gluten-free scene here in Boulder.

The Village Coffee Shop, Boulder’s Popular Diner, Offers Gluten-Free Breakfast and Lunch

There’s nothing like a good breakfast, even if you’re eating it mid-afternoon. This is the lesson we drew from our visit today to the Village Coffee Shop, a popular diner in Boulder that is now offering several gluten-free options for breakfast and lunch, including gluten-free french toast, gluten-free blueberry pancakes, and gluten-free hamburgers.

Naked Pizza, New to Boulder, Offers Delicious and Healthy Gluten-Free Pizza

Exactly two weeks ago, Naked Pizza opened a location in Boulder, and, having just tried their delicious gluten-free pizza this afternoon, we can report that this is excellent news. If you like pizza and follow a gluten-free diet, we strongly urge you to try Naked Pizza, which is located near the corner of 28th and Arapohoe, right by Qdoba. It is really good.

Breeze Bars’ Gluten-Free Energy Bars Available Throughout Boulder

As soon as you need something, you can never find it. Following a tip we received a few weeks ago, we woke up this morning and decided to hunt down some Breeze Bars, a company that makes gluten-free energy bars that are available in Boulder and other Colorado locations (along with locations in Montana, New York, and Tennessee). We’ve seen the gluten-free bars, which are also dairy-free, many times before around Boulder, so we figured it couldn’t be easier to track a couple down. Not quite.

Tres Pupusas, Creator of Gluten-Free Latin Food, Opens Café in Boulder

We recently reported that Tres Pupusas plans to open a café in Boulder that sells their increasingly popular gluten-free pupusas, frozen packages of which are now available at a dozen Front Range locations (mostly Whole Foods Markets). A few weeks ago, Tres Pupusas Latin Café officially opened, so, naturally, we had to pay them a visit to try a couple of gluten-free items.

Gluten-Free Dishes Available at Centro, One of Boulder’s Most Acclaimed Restaurants

Centro Latin Kitchen and Refreshment Palace, located on the west end of Pearl Street in Boulder, has garnered plenty of praise, as a quick look at the numerous positive reviews posted on its website reveals. Westword proclaimed it one of the five best restaurants in Boulder, and 5280 Magazine ranks Centro among the ten best new restaurants in Denver (even though it’s in Boulder – evidently, they conceive of Denver city limits liberally). We can do nothing but echo these positive sentiments – and mention that they have some gluten-free menu items – after our meal there this afternoon.

Gluten-Free Food, and only Gluten-Free Food, Available at Suki Thai Noodle House in Boulder

When we walked into Suki Thai Noodle House this afternoon in Boulder in search of gluten-free Thai food, one of the first things we noticed was a yellow sign placed on the ordering side of the counter. In so many words, it said, “All menu items gluten-free, and we don’t charge you extra like those other guys.” The words “all” and “other” are underlined.

A Cup of Peace in Boulder Offers Full Menu of Gluten-Free Korean Food and a Gluten-Free Energy Shake

We love Asian food. It’s delicious, and it also seems to be gluten-free more often than not, probably because the cuisine of this region of the world centers on rice, vegetables, and meat, or so our Western experience of this food suggests. If you also like Asian food and have a gluten intolerance, we encourage you to try A Cup of Peace, a small Korean restaurant in Boulder that offers only gluten-free food.

Garbanzo in Boulder Offers Healthy and Delicious Gluten-Free Mediterranean Food

For health-conscious eaters with a gluten intolerance, you have yet another place to try: Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, which recently opened a restaurant in Boulder. With the exception of a few items that one wouldn’t expect to be gluten-free, all of Garbanzo’s dishes are made without gluten. We stopped in this afternoon to try a couple of the restaurant’s offerings and left very impressed.

Great Gluten-Free Fried Chicken and Other GF Items Available at The Pinyon in Boulder

Happy hour is great. There’s really no other way to put it. It allows you to go to restaurants that may otherwise be out of your price range, opening the door to a variety of different foods and drinks at a low price. A case in point is The Pinyon on Pearl Street in Boulder, which offers cheap gluten-free food – items like gluten-free wings, gluten-free fried chicken, and gluten-free fries – seven days a week from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. (The same specials are also available “late night,” from 10:00 to close.) Following up on a tip sent to our email – info@glutenfreeinboulder.com; write us any time! – we decided to go there this afternoon.

Gluten-Free Cereal Bars and Other GF Treats from Fiona’s Natural Foods Abound at Boulder Stores

Fiona’s Natural Foods is a Boulder-based business that produces a variety of healthy foods. Although the main food they offer is granola, which is not gluten-free, they offer a variety of gluten-free options as well, including gluten-free cereal, gluten-free bars, gluten-free trail mix, and gluten-free roasted nuts, all of which incorporate that perennial favorite of the gluten-free crowd: quinoa. Since Fiona’s products are spread far and wide in Boulder, we decided to go to one of our favorite coffee shops, Folsom Street Coffee, to try their selection. While Folsom Street Coffee offers four different quinoa bars produced by Fiona’s, only two are gluten-free – the almond chocolate chip bar and the lemon cranberry bar – so be bought both, along with a cup of coffee, and sampled them. Here are our reactions:

Gluten-Free Frozen Yogurts and Toppings Delight at Ripple Pure Frozen Yogurt in Boulder

It’s great when a personal interest (funny movies) can be incorporated into the hard business of writing about gluten-free food (in this instance, gluten-free frozen yogurt): In the film Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller is cast as Tugg Speedman, an actor who takes on the ambitious role of Simple Jack in a movie of the same name. (So, that means that a fictional character in a film – Tugg Speedman in Tropic Thunder – plays the role of another fictional character in a film within a film – Jack in Simple Jack.) When Jack’s mother dies, he offers this gem of line: “Goodbye mama, now you can have ice cream in heaven! I’ll see you again tonight when I go to bed in my head movies. But this head movie makes my eyes rain!” Jack’s key contention is that there will be ice cream in heaven, and while we can’t be sure of this claim, we can be sure that another delicious treat, frozen yoghurt, is available at a heavenly place: Ripple Pure Frozen Yogurt, a mom-and-pop store owned by Boulder locals that has tons of gluten-free options to choose from.

Delicious Gluten-Free Hamburgers and Sandwiches Available at Larkburger in Boulder

A quick search of this site revealed an interesting fact earlier today: the word “hamburger” is never mentioned in an article, and the word “burger” only comes up in connection with one post. Evidently, we haven’t been pursuing good old-fashioned American cuisine around here enough, so we tried to remedy this deficiency this afternoon by going to the ever-popular Larkburger in Boulder, which offers a gluten-free bun that opens the entire menu (with the exception of a single item – a red chili that is made with beer) to those with a gluten intolerance.

For Gluten-Free Vegetarian and Vegan Food, Try Zudaka Latin American in North Boulder

If you drive north on Broadway, almost to the fairly new North Boulder development that houses restaurants like Proto’s Pizzeria, you might notice a small, yellow storefront on the west side of the street, and if you do notice it, you should go in and grab a table. This is the location of Zudaka, a petite restaurant that serves vegetarian Latin American food, mostly staples of Venezuelan and Colombian cuisine, and almost all of it is gluten-free.

Outrageous Baking’s Gluten-Free Products Available in Dozens of Coffee Shops in Boulder Area

Two types of retailers dominate Boulder: liquor stores and coffee shops (although, come to think of it, medical marijuana dispensaries are ridiculously prevalent too). Both of these places can be unfriendly to those with a gluten intolerance. Liquor stores sell beer that almost always contains gluten, and the food that coffee shops provide to compliment their drinks – cakes, breads, bagels, donuts, etc. – very often have gluten too. Of course, this isn’t necessarily the liquor store proprietor or the coffee shop owner’s fault, but it is inconvenient for those who must eat gluten-free. Happily, though, circumstances are changing for the better, especially with regard to coffee shops, thanks in large part to businesses like Outrageous Baking.

Awesome Gluten-Free Pizza at Proto’s in Boulder and Lafayette

After trying several different suppliers of gluten-free pizza crust, Proto’s, a well-regard pizzeria with with locations in North Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Broomfield and Denver (and Boise, Idaho), finally settled on Clarity Foods of Longmont. The GF crust they make is the only one Proto’s had tried that crisps in the way that they want it to when baked. We think they made a nice selection.

Smiling Moose Deli Near Boulder is a Perfect Place for a Gluten-Free Lunch

If you live in Boulder, Louisville, or the surrounding area, and if you’re hungry for a gluten-free lunch, try Smiling Moose Deli. With gluten-free soups, salads, and sandwiches available, and with plans to expand their GF offerings in the near future, it’s a convenient place to grab a quick lunch made with GF ingredients. Over the last few years, we’ve seen several Smiling Moose Delis around Colorado (their twelve locations are scattered throughout the state), so we finally decided to stop in and sample their food.

Gluten-Free Pizza, Pasta, and Sandwiches Available at Martino’s Pizzeria Near Boulder

Martino’s Pizzeria is the type of place that makes you wonder if a gluten intolerance is really a limitation. It’s not so much that Martino’s Pizzeria has lots of GF options, although it does, it’s just that the gluten-free food it offers is so good. This is the conclusion we confidently arrived at after visiting Martino’s this afternoon, which is located in Lafayette, about a 15-minute drive from the heart of Boulder.

Modmarket in Boulder Offers Gluten-Free Sandwiches, Pizzas, Salads, and Soups

Modmarket is in many ways a paradigmatic Boulder restaurant. It serves healthy and fresh foods that often incorporate local ingredients (depending on the season), and the interior of the Boulder restaurant – currently the only one, although an additional location is being built in Denver – is deeply trendy. It also offers tons of gluten-free options, so we decided to stop by for a meal.

New Line of Gluten-Free Cheesecake and Gluten-Free Key Lime Pie Released in Boulder

Berry Best Smoothies in Boulder is no stranger to gluten-free foods. We’ve celebrated the gluten-free items available at Berry Best Smoothies before, and the shop’s website has a prominent section detailing the many gluten-free foods available in the store.

A Gluten-Free Visit to the Original Pancake House in Boulder

When you wake up some mornings, you just feel like a serious breakfast. A piece of fruit and coffee isn’t always sufficient. Today we found ourselves with such a craving, and since we just learned that the Original Pancake House in Boulder has gluten-free pancakes available, we decided to stop in and try them.

Large Selection of Gluten-Free Vietnamese Food Available at Boulder’s Black Pepper Pho

There is much to admire about Vietnamese food. It’s delicious, reasonably easy to find (at least in Boulder, for whatever reason), and, as we learned this afternoon, overwhelmingly gluten-free, at least at Black Pepper Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant located near Pearl Street and 28th. After learning that Black Pepper Pho has GF items available, we decided to stop by for a meal. We weren’t disappointed.

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