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Gluten-Free Fried Chicken at Yellowbelly in Boulder

Gluten Free Yellowbelly

As a rule, we try not to evaluate a new gluten-free eating opportunity in Boulder when we are famished. Piercing hunger can make even the most bland food delicious; a rice cake is a gourmet meal for the starving. However, a fortuitous combination of factors led us to the doorstep of Yellowbelly (occasionally written incorrectly as “Yellow Belly”) in Boulder the other night, and we weren’t going to not review the restaurant simply because we were abnormally hungry. That would be absurd. So, we ignored our rule and ate at Yellowbelly, which has been recommended to us by multiple people as an excellent restaurant with a range of gluten-free food, including, of course, gluten-free chicken. Yellowbelly is in fact delicious – it’s gluten-free fried chicken is superb – and we are confident we’d say this regardless of the extent of our hunger.

Gluten Sensitive Menu at Jason’s Deli Makes Eating Gluten-Free Easy

Jason's Deli

Being several thousand miles away from Boulder makes it a little difficult to assess new places with gluten-free food. However, when you have regular readers who together form a community of discerning eaters, as we fortunately do, it makes it a little easier to keep a pulse on the gluten-free scene in Boulder. Despite being in Austria, we were recently informed of, and received some reader reflections about, Jason’s Deli in Boulder, which has an entire “gluten sensitive” menu that outlines what is GF in the restaurant. Armed with the gluten-sensitive guide, you know exactly what you can get at the Boulder Jason’s Deli (or any of the more than 240 Jason’s Delis scattered across the U.S., for that matter).

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