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Gluten-Free Bagels Now Available at Moe’s Bagel Shop in Boulder

Moes Bagels

A bagel almost always sounds good in the morning, so not infrequently we wake up and hunt for a bagel shop or bagel store. The problem is that regular bagels aren’t gluten-free, and despite the growing variety of gluten-free offerings around Boulder, we’ve still had trouble tracking down a bagel shop that sells gluten-free bagels. We say we had trouble finding gluten-free bagels in Boulder because this is (for the most part) no longer an issue. Moe’s Bagels, staple of Boulder and undoubtedly one of the best bagel shops in town, now offers gluten-free bagels. We went in over the weekend to try Moe’s gluten-free bagels, which had been on our radar for a while, and below we share the first gluten-free bagel experience we’ve had in a while.

Blooming Beets – New Gluten-Free, Paleo Restaurant Comes to Boulder

as featured in gfib

Eating gluten-free in Boulder has never been easier, but this isn’t to say it is, objectively speaking, easy. It is certainly more convenient to not seek out menu items that are gluten-free, or to ask your server if adjustments can be made to a dish to render it GF. When Blooming Beets opens in Boulder this spring, you won’t have to ask if a dish is gluten-free or ask for modifications, as everything on the menu, being rooted in and inspired by the paleo diet, will be entirely free of gluten (and, for that matter, free of any grain, processed sugar, processed vegetable and seed oils, and virtually all dairy products.) What kind of gluten-free food will be available at Blooming Beets, “the healthiest restaurant in the country,” as it bills itself to investors, and what drove Iva Paleckova, the founder and chef of the new eatery, to start a gluten-free, dairy-free, and processed-food-free paleo restaurant?

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