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Shine Boulder and its 100% Gluten-Free Kitchen

shine gluten free boulder

Shine is a restaurant in Boulder with a gluten-free menu that lists foods prepared in an entirely gluten-free kitchen. Actually, that’s not quite right. Shine is a gluten-free restaurant and a bar that serves wine and cocktails, as well as beers that are made on site, including a gluten-free beer, so this makes Shine not only a restaurant and bar, but also a brewery. However, Shine doesn’t only offer alcoholic drinks – they also have an “elixir bar” that serves healing tonics, and they also run an organic fresh juice bar and a coffee bar. This makes Shine a restaurant, a bar, and a brewery that offers a wide array of elixirs, fresh juices, and coffees too. But even this isn’t quite right, as Shine is further billed as a “gathering place,” a place where parties, events, concerts, and even yoga classes can be held. It is beyond our abilities to encapsulate all of this in a nice, short sentence, so we’ll just say Shine is many things, and thanks to its totally gluten-free kitchen and menu, it is certainly a place our readers will be interested in checking out.

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