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Pie in the Sky, the Boulder Producer of Gluten-Free Cakes and Pies, Keeps Expanding

Several months ago, we wrote about a fledgling business in Boulder known as Pie in the Sky and their line of gluten-free cheesecakes and gluten-free key lime pie, which had just recently been launched by the Boulder-based Berry Best Smoothies, to use alliteration to an almost problematic extent. Since the publication of that article, Pie in the Sky – more precisely, Pie in the Sky Bakery – has expanded in a big way: their products are now sold in 27 Whole Foods Markets, all of the stores in the chain’s Western region. When you get your product into Whole Foods, your business has reached a certain threshold, and this achievement certainly warrants some coverage by the local gluten-free press. And that’s where we come in…

A Gluten-Free Breakfast at The Buff in Boulder

The Buff is one of Boulder’s most popular breakfast eateries, and it is easy to see why: the prices are modest, the food is excellent, and it is right in the heart of town, slightly south of 28th and Canyon. Fortunately, The Buff’s menu abounds with gluten-free options, including gluten-free pancakes and gluten-free bread, which can replace the non-GF bread served with a number of dishes, and this opens up this superb restaurant to the gluten-intolerant crowd. On a recent snowy day, we decided to stop by The Buff for a gluten-free breakfast.

Gluten-Free Pie at My Mom’s Pie, a Quick Trip from Boulder

We’re not big pie eaters, but maybe we will be now, as we recently unearthed a gem of a bakery near Boulder (in Niwot) called My Mom’s Pie that makes excellent gluten-free pies. After considering the many tantalizing pie choices, which we will list in due course, we decided to order a blueberry pie, made gluten-free just for us – not that we’re special or anything. My Mom’s Pie will accommodate any request they can, and are happy to make organic pies and sugar-free pies, as well as, of course, gluten-free pies.

A Gluten-Free Coffee Break at Red Rock Coffeehouse in Boulder

There can be no doubt that Boulder has become more accommodating to those on the gluten-free diet over the last year or so, and this trend always comes into sharp relief when we visit coffee shops. In most coffee shops we visit, there are at least a few gluten-free offerings, which is great given that the snacks paired with coffee are often pastries that contain gluten (like muffins or cakes). One particularly nice place to get coffee and a gluten-free treat in Boulder is Red Rock Coffeehouse (sometimes written as “Red Rock Coffee House” online), where we found ourselves on a recent Sunday morning.

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