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Garbanzo in Boulder Offers Healthy and Delicious Gluten-Free Mediterranean Food

For health-conscious eaters with a gluten intolerance, you have yet another place to try: Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, which recently opened a restaurant in Boulder. With the exception of a few items that one wouldn’t expect to be gluten-free, all of Garbanzo’s dishes are made without gluten. We stopped in this afternoon to try a couple of the restaurant’s offerings and left very impressed.

Tres Pupusas Now Sells Gluten-Free Pupusas at Boulder Locations and Will Open a Restaurant Shortly!

If you’ve been to the Boulder or Longmont Farmers’ Market during the last couple of seasons, you may have had the opportunity to try a gluten-free pupusa offered by Tres Pupusas (or maybe you tried three, given the company’s name). If you enjoyed them, as we have, you’ll be delighted to learn that Tres Pupusas is now supplying several Boulder locations with their pupusas, which are gluten-free because their foundational ingredient is corn, not flour (although technically pupusas can be made with either), and moreover, many are vegetarian and even vegan.

A Cup of Peace in Boulder Offers Full Menu of Gluten-Free Korean Food and a Gluten-Free Energy Shake

We love Asian food. It’s delicious, and it also seems to be gluten-free more often than not, probably because the cuisine of this region of the world centers on rice, vegetables, and meat, or so our Western experience of this food suggests. If you also like Asian food and have a gluten intolerance, we encourage you to try A Cup of Peace, a small Korean restaurant in Boulder that offers only gluten-free food.

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