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Gluten-Free Cereal Bars and Other GF Treats from Fiona’s Natural Foods Abound at Boulder Stores

Fiona’s Natural Foods is a Boulder-based business that produces a variety of healthy foods. Although the main food they offer is granola, which is not gluten-free, they offer a variety of gluten-free options as well, including gluten-free cereal, gluten-free bars, gluten-free trail mix, and gluten-free roasted nuts, all of which incorporate that perennial favorite of the gluten-free crowd: quinoa. Since Fiona’s products are spread far and wide in Boulder, we decided to go to one of our favorite coffee shops, Folsom Street Coffee, to try their selection. While Folsom Street Coffee offers four different quinoa bars produced by Fiona’s, only two are gluten-free – the almond chocolate chip bar and the lemon cranberry bar – so be bought both, along with a cup of coffee, and sampled them. Here are our reactions:

Great Gluten-Free Fried Chicken and Other GF Items Available at The Pinyon in Boulder

Happy hour is great. There’s really no other way to put it. It allows you to go to restaurants that may otherwise be out of your price range, opening the door to a variety of different foods and drinks at a low price. A case in point is The Pinyon on Pearl Street in Boulder, which offers cheap gluten-free food – items like gluten-free wings, gluten-free fried chicken, and gluten-free fries – seven days a week from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. (The same specials are also available “late night,” from 10:00 to close.) Following up on a tip sent to our email – info@glutenfreeinboulder.com; write us any time! – we decided to go there this afternoon.

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