May 25, 2012

Where to Find Gluten-Free Waffle Cakes

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Almost exactly one year ago, a new gluten-free vendor hit the streets of Colorado, happily near (but not yet in) Boulder. The business is called Waffle Cakes, and they operate out of a truck that sells not only regular and gluten-free waffle cakes, but also espresso-based drinks, including a number of different specialty lattes. By every account we’ve read or heard, Waffle Cakes is awesome, and since they have a gluten-free cake available, we felt morally obligated to announce their existence (in case you don’t know of them already) and tell you where to find these treats.

We learned about Waffle Cakes on Facebook about a week ago and then emailed the owners a bunch of questions, as well as researched the company, to get a better idea of what Waffle Cakes is all about (both in general and with respect to their gluten-free offerings). Be sure to stay on the lookout for the Waffle Cakes truck, which looks like this:

This truck should be up and running by about the first week of June.

But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. What exactly is a waffle cake anyway? A reviewer on Yelp rather poetically described a waffle cake as the offspring of a waffle and a pastry (hence the name “waffle cake,” presumably), a delicious new life, to extend the metaphor, that is glazed with butter and sugar. A slightly more straightforward description is supplied by Waffle Cakes on their new website:

“A Waffle Cake is a buttery, flaky, pastry/dessert disguised as a waffle! Our Waffle Cakes are made with specialty imported Pearl sugar from Belgium. They start out as dough instead of batter and are baked on-site and served hot on waffle irons also imported from Belgium. When baked the Pearl sugar caramelizes on the outside while maintaining its crunch on the inside. Traditionally they are served in a craft paper to eat on the go and sometimes dusted with powdered sugar and/or Lemon juice.”

This sounds plenty good to us, but Waffles Cakes was not satisfied to offer only the traditional waffle cake, to put it lightly. Instead, they have devised dozens of waffle cake creations that are wildly diverse, ranging from the Apple Bacon Gorgonzola (“Waffle Cake topped with Granny Smith Apples, Gorgonzola Cheese, Whipped Cream, Pecans, Bacon and Black Cherry Balsamic Mist”) to the Fruit Cake (“Waffle Cake topped with Blue Whipped Cream, Fruity Pebbles and Gummy Worms”) to the Ice Cream Sammich (“All Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sandwiched between two Waffle Cakes”). These three waffle cakes, more or less selected at random, only hint at the extraordinary number of different waffle cakes available. Moreover, the company offers several seasonal creations – like the Peach Cobbler and the Pumpkin Pie – and they will make custom creations for special events. (Waffle Cakes caters all sorts of events, as well as sets up their truck at a few locations a week – more on the latter in a second.)

With few exceptions, every Waffle Cakes creation can be made gluten-free (simply because they offer a gluten-free waffle cake). Of the many options available, only the following five waffles cakes cannot be made gluten-free: Red Velvet Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake, Strawberry Speculoose and Cream, and Eggnog Snickerdoodle. We like those percentages.

To complement their vast array of waffle cake offerings, Waffles Cakes has a full espresso bar in their truck. This means that Waffles Cakes can make the standard espresso-based drinks, but true to their spirit, they also offer tons of specialty drinks that mirror their waffle cakes. You can therefore have, for example, a Bananas Foster Latte with your Bananas Foster Waffle Cake if you are so inclined, and the same applies to the several other latte and waffle cake pairs they offer. (Of course, you could mix your waffle cake and latte selection too, and in so doing come up with some pretty delicious combos – a Turtle Latte with a Waffle Cake Sundae, anyone?) If these sophisticated beverages sound outside the purview of waffle cake makers, they emphatically are not: Jeremy, one of the two owners of the truck (the other is named Robyn), is one of only eleven International Academy of Specialty Coffee certified baristas in Colorado. Your espresso order will be in good hands. And even if you aren’t into coffee, they offer a special drink just for you. It’s called the “Liquid Red Velvet,” a milked-based hot drink topped with cheesecake whipped cream. And while we’re on the topic of whipped cream: Waffle Cakes makes it fresh daily. The whipped cream comes in various forms and colors to go with the different types of waffle cakes and espresso drinks that they make.

Unless you have no pulse or are by some miracle utterly indifferent to espresso and sweets, you are probably curious where you can find the Waffle Cakes truck. As of now, here are the official three days and locations that the truck is open for business, given to us straight by the owners:

Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Cherry Creek Fresh Market (1st & University; Denver). They will be at this location from May 5th through October 27th.

Sundays from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM at Stapleton Farmer’s Market (E 29th & Roslyn; Denver). They will be here from June 17th through October 14th.

Mondays from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Prospect Eats, a weekly gathering of food trucks (near 287 and Pike in Prospect’s park, which is in Prospect neighborhood of Longmont). They will be here from June 4th till sometime in October.

(Their locations and times are always listed on their website and Facebook page too.)

If you are disappointed they are not available more, you can take some comfort in the fact that they are currently searching for additional places to set up, including in Boulder. They also hope to open a storefront in the future. Frankly, it is extraordinary that they are able to be open for three days as it is, especially when you consider the amount of time – around three to four hours – that it takes them to set up. Both Jeremy and Robyn work full-time jobs (and pretty serious ones at that: Robyn is a nurse at a cancer treatment center and Jeremy is a fiber channel network engineer), so they only operate the waffle cake truck when they have time off from their Monday-to-Friday jobs.

Waffle Cakes’ offerings sound extremely tasty and we’re eager to get our hands on one (or ten) cakes and try some of their espresso drinks. They’re not in Boulder (at least as of now), but they very well may be worth the trip out of town, especially given their extensive gluten-free selection. We’ll certainly try to make it to the truck soon.

If, however, you can’t make it to the truck, you can order the waffles cakes, as well as a few of the toppings used in their creations, on the Waffle Cakes website, which you can find here:

Waffle Cakes

There is also a complete list of all the waffle cakes they make online, which you’ll enjoy looking through if you are trying to work up an appetite.

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