September 9, 2014

Vitamin Cottage, Purveyor of Gluten-Free Foods and Resources, Now Open Later!

By Evan Sandsmark -  

If you eat gluten-free and live in Boulder, you are probably aware (or at least should be aware) of Vitamin Cottage, more expansively known Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. In addition to being a popular health food store, NGVC sells lots of gluten-free foods and supplies a number of excellent (and free) resources for the gluten-free community. We were therefore delighted to learn that Vitamin Cottage has just recently expanded their store hours at their Boulder and Layette locations, giving shoppers in the Boulder area some extra aisle-pursuing time in the morning or at night.

More precisely, you can now go to Vitamin Cottage as early as 7:00 AM and stay till 9:04 PM on Monday through Saturday. Sunday’s hours are slightly more limited, but the store is still open for over 11 hours, from 8:00 AM to 7:06 PM. The store stays open till these seemingly random times to give shoppers a little extra cushion in their schedule: if you can’t quite make it to the store by 9:00, you have a few extra minutes before they lock up.

Or, as Vitamin Cottage explains in their announcement for their new hours, the store knows “how much you appreciate that we keep our doors open for a few minutes after the hour so we’re keeping those unique closing times to give you a few extra minutes in your day…just in case life throws you lemons and you need to make lemonade.” We’re not sure what a proverb about making the best out of unfortunate situations has to do with anything, but it is nevertheless true that your freedom to make lemonade from NGVC products has never been greater. (If we had a nickel for every time the desire to make lemonade struck us at 9:00 PM…)

We mention the Boulder and Lafayette stores in particular because these are the locations that our readers will most likely be visiting, but it is worth mentioning that expanded hours will also be kept at four stores in Denver, as well as at the locations in Longmont and Fort Collins. So, if you are anywhere in the northern half of Colorado’s Front Range, your nearest Vitamin Cottage likely opens earlier and closes later.

We could write more, but it just now turned 9:00 PM and we need to make a lemon run.

Article Name
Vitamin Cottage in Boulder, Purveyor of Gluten-Free Foods and Resources, Expands Hours
Vitamin Cottage has just recently expanded their store hours at their Boulder and Layette locations.
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