June 19, 2014

Veggie-Go’s, from Boulder and Entirely Gluten-Free

By Evan Sandsmark -  

A few years ago, if you looked really hard, you might have seen Veggie-Go’s at a shop or two around Boulder. Now they are everywhere – not only in Boulder, but across the country too – so you no longer have to put forward much effort to find them. This is a good thing, as they are excellent, healthy, and satisfying snacks that are entirely gluten-free. (They are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.) If you haven’t yet tried Veggie-Go’s yet, you should, and below we tell you why.


For those who are entirely unfamiliar with the product, Veggie-Go’s are basically fruits and vegetables that are compressed together to form a flattened strip. They are a bit like Fruit Roll-Ups, but without all the questionable fruit concentrates (basically, pure sugar) and other ingredients added to them. Veggie-Go’s and similar products are technically, and rather unattractively, referred to as “fruit leathers,” although Veggie-Go’s are actually fruit and vegetable leathers. According to Veggie-Go’s, they were the first to add vegetables to a fruit leather, which is perhaps why their name emphasizes the vegetable component of their product.

Founded in January 2011, Veggie-Go’s is a product borne out of frustration. The two founders, after living and working in Europe for a year, had grown accustomed – nay, “addicted” – to fresh, organic produce. When they returned home, they were “shocked” by what Americans called food. (Evidently, they managed to forget their native cuisine, hitherto all they had ever known, during their European sojourn.) In response to the state of the American food scene and its perceived deficiencies, they decided to “take matters into [their] own hands” and create a snack that was at once healthy and convenient. It would be made with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, honoring the Continental tradition, but the snack wouldn’t require any effort to make or eat, a nod to the “American on-the-go lifestyle.” Out of this tension sprung a glorious new snack, Veggie-Go’s, a culinary synthesis of Hegelian proportions.

And now, with the company’s etiological story out of the way, let us move on to more practical matters: how do they taste, and where can you get them? We have had the pleasure of tasting all five flavors – Mountain Berry Spinach, Sweet Potato Pie, Cinnamon Spiced Beet, Carrot Ginger, and Mulled Wine – and we enjoyed every one of them. (For the record, we had the Mulled Wine one a long time ago, and it doesn’t appear that they make it anymore, or at least it isn’t listed on their website. Perhaps they only make it during the holiday season.) They are made with incredibly simple ingredients, basically just fruits and vegetables, making them suitable for vegans, and no extra sugar is added. Despite this, or probably because of it, they are very tasty and refreshing. Our favorites are Sweet Potato Pie and Cinnamon Spiced Beet, but, again, we like all of them. According to Veggie-Go’s FAQs, kids especially like the Mountain Berry Spinach because it basically just tastes like fruit (and not spinach). So, if you are looking to bring some home to the family, you might pick up a few extra Mountain Berry Spinach Veggie-Go’s to sate the kids.

As for where you can get them, you have two options. If you live in Boulder, they are available at numerous shops around town, including all the Whole Foods locations and a number of coffee shops around town (including Pekoe Sip House). Again, Veggie-Go’s has spread far beyond Boulder, so regardless of where you are or how close you are to Boulder proper, you should probably be able to find a place reasonably close by. Veggie Go’s has an excellent store locator, and this is definitely the best way to figure out where you can buy the snacks. If no store is in range, though, you can always order them online. There is normally a flat shipping fee of $5.99, but if you order enough, you can get them shipped for free. The online store is smooth and easy to use, but they have a toll-free support number anyway, just in case you run into any problems.

Apart from tasting good and being easy to find or order, there is a lot to admire about Veggie-Go’s. Given that their products only include whole organic fruits, vegetables and essentially nothing else, they are clearly committed to creating healthy snacks, and they are also committed to running a sustainable business. The cartons that they use are both made of recycled paperboard and are themselves recyclable, and they are made from wind energy in Denver, which means that their packaging isn’t being shipped from some far-away city. The Veggie-Go’s themselves are unavoidably wrapped in plastic for reasons of preservation, but they use as little plastic as possible and are actively searching for a replacement. So, by all indications Veggie-Go’s is a company worth supporting, and they happen to make great gluten-free snacks too.

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