March 15, 2011

Tres Pupusas Now Sells Gluten-Free Pupusas at Boulder Locations and Will Open a Restaurant Shortly!

By Evan Sandsmark -  

If you’ve been to the Boulder or Longmont Farmers’ Market during the last couple of seasons, you may have had the opportunity to try a gluten-free pupusa offered by Tres Pupusas (or maybe you tried three, given the company’s name). If you enjoyed them, as we have, you’ll be delighted to learn that Tres Pupusas is now supplying several Boulder locations with their pupusas, which are gluten-free because their foundational ingredient is corn, not flour (although technically pupusas can be made with either), and moreover, many are vegetarian and even vegan.

They are currently available in the frozen-food sections of Pearl Street’s Whole Foods Market, the Superior Whole Foods Market, and Ideal Market, which is located in North Boulder. Gluten-free pupusas are also offered at Berry Best Smoothies, that fine purveyor of gluten-free foods.

And Tres Pupusas expansion does not end here. The company is also opening a breakfast-lunch cafe in Boulder. It will be located at 2825 Wilderness Place Suite 500, right behind the Boulder Beer Company. The restaurant will focus on Latin dishes, and of course a variety of gluten-free pupusas will be available. Some of the flavors will include Green Chile and Cheese, Spinach and Cheese, Black Bean and Sweet Corn, and Pinto Bean and Cheese. That’s a lot of great gluten-free options!

We’re delighted to share this news with our readers, not only because we’ve enjoyed what Tres Pupusas has offered at past farmers’ markets, but also because the expansion of companies like Tres Pupusas opens up ever more options for those with a gluten intolerance. With a bit a luck, struggling to find gluten-free food will soon be a thing of the past!

Check out Tres Pupusas’ website here:

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