July 17, 2012

The Waffle Cakes Food Truck, Maker of Gluten-Free Waffle Cakes, is Now Operating Around Boulder and Longmont

By Evan Sandsmark -  

If you recently saw a food truck selling waffle cakes around the Boulder, Denver, and Longmont area, you saw Waffle Cakes, the Colorado company that sells an astonishing variety of waffle cakes – including gluten-free waffle cakes – out of their new, specially-designed bus. We recently wrote about the well-regarded business and their gluten-free waffle cakes, but at the time they were still waiting for their bus (i.e., food truck) to be finished, which was necessary to complete before Waffle Cakes could offer gluten-free options and a full espresso bar. After a few delays, the food truck is now operational and it looks awesome.

Update: This was all true at the time of publication, but a reader of the site recently indicated that Waffle Cakes no longer offers a gluten-free version of their signature food item. So, although we have not been able to directly verify this, it is probably safe to assume that there is no longer a local supplier of GF waffle cakes in the Boulder area any longer.

Here are a couple pictures of the truck that the owners emailed us:

You will be able to find this distinct food truck at the following locations:

Cherry Creek Fresh Market (1st & University; Denver). Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM through October 27th.

Stapleton Farmer’s Market (E 29th & Roslyn; Denver). Sundays from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM through October 14th.

Prospect Eats, a weekly gathering of food trucks (near 287 and Pike in Prospect’s park, which is in Prospect neighborhood of Longmont). Mondays from 5:30 PM to 8 PM till sometime in October.

These are the only places you can find the food truck now, but the owners hope to set up at more local spots (like Boulder) soon, and they one day hope to have a storefront too. If you want an updated version of their location schedule, you can check Waffles Cake’s Facebook page or the Waffle Cake website.

In the previous article we wrote about Waffle Cakes, we went into some detail about truck’s gluten-free offerings. We see no reason to repeat the same information here, but we should mention that Waffle Cakes makes an almost unbelievable number of different cakes – they have over 30 listed on their website, ranging from Bacon Goat Cheese & Basil Pesto to Strawberry Lemonade – and all but five of them can be made gluten-free. As we said, Waffle Cakes also has a full espresso bar in their truck, allowing them to make tons of espresso-based drinks, including specialty drinks (e.g., Bananas Foster Latte) that complement specific waffle cakes (e.g., Bananas Foster Waffle Cake). Basically, if you are at all inclined to try a waffle cake (a flaky, buttery pastry that looks like a waffle, in short) and/or you like espresso, you should check out Waffle Cakes and their food truck.

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  1. Amy says:

    Although an old story you might want to edit. This business is no longer supporting or offering gluten free options.

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