June 19, 2012

The Gluten-Free Treats at The Tasterie Truck, Boulder’s Dessert Truck

By Evan Sandsmark -  

“We are so many things,” writes Shannon Aten of The Tasterie Truck. “It’s hard to put in writing.” It must be hard – The Tasterie Truck is so many things, including, most relevantly to us, a supplier of excellent gluten-free treats (like gluten-free cupcakes and gluten-free popsicles, and occasionally a specialty item like gluten-free crème brûlée). However, Aten, the founder of the dessert truck whose business partner (Nathan Miller) is the former head pastry chef at The Kitchen, had a good way of putting her overall business model to us in an email: “we are a full-service bakery that has a truck instead of a storefront.” The on-the-go bakery is frequently in and around Boulder, so if you haven’t already stopped by, we recommend you give them a visit to try one of their excellent gluten-free bakery items or treats.

As a bakery on wheels, The Tasterie Truck is not a standard business. When you think about it, though, this is actually rather strange because The Tasterie Truck is a wonderful idea. From a business perspective, and especially from the perspective of a business that was formed relatively recently, it makes a lot of sense to forsake an expensive storefront in favor of a mobile selling operation. Then again, businesses do things that don’t make a lot of sense all the time – just look at the Facebook IPO, which gave the public an opportunity to invest in the company for the ludicrously high price of $38 a share.

So, The Tasterie Truck travels around the Denver-Boulder area offering baked goods and other sweets to their patrons. But what kind of foods do they sell, and, most importantly for our purposes, which of them are gluten-free? This is actually a harder question to answer then you might expect because The Tasterie Truck’s offerings are numerous and ever-changing, and Aten and Miller are constantly dreaming up new creations to sell on their truck. They make every single item that they sell on the truck (with the exception of the freeze pops, which we will come to shortly), and these items are made fresh every day. Basically, this is how it works: The Tasterie Truck has a standard menu (which we have linked to below) that lists the items that are available on the truck with some regularity. This standard menu is extensive – there are dozens of items on it, including (but by no means limited to) several types of cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and breads – so of course not all of these items are served on the truck every day (nor are they all gluten-free, just so you know).

Instead, Miller and Aten make a variety of items in the morning – some of which are on the standard menu, but others are specialty treats – and then they load up the truck to take their goods to whatever place(s) they are scheduled to set up that day. (They follow the same schedule each week, which is explained and linked to below, although they periodically alter course if they are involved with a special event.) So, what you can get at The Tasterie Truck on any given day varies, although they have a few staples during certain seasons. For example, during the summer the truck almost always has huge freeze pops that are both amazingly good and gluten-free; they come in blueberry rosemary lemon, strawberry lemonade, and mojito.

The gluten-free items that are for sale on the truck vary, just like the regular items. However, they do always strive to have at least one (and very often more than one) gluten-free item available. For example, when we visited The Tasterie Truck, the gluten-free freeze pops mentioned above were available, and so was a gluten-free crème brûlée, one of the specialty items (i.e., not something on the standard menu) that was also excellent. The truck also tends to have homemade “Oh Henry bars” on hand on any given day, and these are gluten-free as well.

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance when you visit The Tasterie Truck, you can order items in advance and then pick them up from the truck. We recommend checking out the menu online to figure out what you want to order (the gluten-free options primarily consist of cupcakes – tons of different kinds of cupcakes, though), and then you can contact them through their website using an online email form. The Tasterie Truck also fills order for events like holiday parties and birthdays. If you have any questions about what they can do, just get in touch with them through their website.

By now, you are probably curious where you can find The Tasterie Truck. As we said, they follow a set schedule that they only deviate from when they have special events to handle, and these changes should be reflected on their online calender, found here:

The Tasterie Truck’s Schedule

It’s definitely best to follow this updated schedule (which also has specific addresses listed) when you are trying to find the truck, but in general it can be found in Longmont on Monday, Boulder and Erie on Tuesday, Boulder and Gunbarrel on Wednesday, and Denver on Thursday.

You can check out The Tasterie Truck’s standard menu here:

The Tasterie Truck’s Menu

And If you want to learn more about The Tasterie Truck in general, you can find their website at this link:

The Tasterie Truck

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