September 21, 2010

The Gluten Free Bistro of Boulder Supplies Street Legal Pizza with Gluten-Free Crust

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Thanks to a new crust, Street Legal Pizza at the Flatiron Crossing Mall is now serving gluten-free pizza, providing one more restaurant option to hungry shoppers with a gluten intolerance. The gluten-free pizza crust is supplied to Street Legal by The Gluten Free Bistro, which distributes gluten-free products to over 25 eateries in Boulder and the larger Colorado area.

This recent collaboration unites two established food providers and makes a host of delicious new items available to those with celiac disease. It simply wasn’t fair to limit Street Legal’s pizza to those who eat gluten – it looks too good! To see what we mean, one need only glance over the menu for a few minutes.

Some of the first items on the menu that came to our attention were the specialty pies, which are topped with a number of ingredients that are combined to achieve a unified taste. Although you can always build your own pizza with the 23 toppings that are available (assuming they’re all gluten-free, which may or may not be the case – obviously, ask an employee about this), and this is of course a reasonable and respectable approach, specialty pies are often unique creations that presumably have the explicit endorsement of the chef – how else would they make it on the menu? Take the White Pie, for example. This pizza is made with shredded mozzarella, grana padano and parmesan grated cheeses, as well as imported extra virgin olive oil, ricotta, garlic and herbs. There is no red sauce, and hence the name “White Pie.” Clearly, this isn’t your average pizza, but it sounds delicious, right? And the best part is that now you can order it gluten-free!

Another great-sounding specialty pie is The Supremo, which is more traditional than the White Pie, but we doubt it’s any less delicious. This pie is made with shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, olives and Street Legal’s pizza sauce. Again, this glorious creation is now available to gluten-free eaters!

You probably noticed that we wrote Street Legal’s pizza sauce, and that’s because the sauce used on their pizzas is homemade. So, even if you feel like ordering the same pizza that you’ve had a million times, you’re still in for a unique treat because of the sauce.

So, that covers Street Legal’s contribution to this new collaboration, but what about The Gluten Free Bistro? What do they do? About exactly what you would expect: they provide foods for gluten-intolerant individuals, which they are able to accomplish largely through their partnerships with various restaurants around Boulder and Colorado. The founders of the Bistro saw a need for tasty, nutritious gluten-free products – let’s be honest, a lot of GF products fall short of their gluten rivals – and this is the niche they attempt to fill. In addition to pizza crusts (which, by the way, can also be used as flat bread), the Bistro offers GF pasta and flour. With these basic ingredients, you can make a lot of dishes, and it is the aim of the Bistro to remind you of goods with gluten every time you take a bite of their products, according to their website.

All of what has been written so far leads to one suggestion: next time you’re shopping at Flatiron Crossing Mall or in the Broomfield area, stop by Street Legal for some gluten-free pizza!

Street Legal’s menu can be found here:

And their address is:
Suite 220
1 West Flatirons Crossing Dr.
Broomfield, CO 80021
(If you’re familiar with the mall, this is between the main food court and the AMC Theaters.)

The Gluten Free Bistro’s website can be found here:

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