Where to Find Bella Gluten-Free Baking Mixes in Boulder

Bella Gluten-Free

We know a product is going to be relevant to our readers when the company who makes it has “gluten-free” right in their name. Such is the case with Bella Gluten-Free, which makes gluten-free baking mixes for a variety of foods that generally aren’t gluten-free (bread, rolls, pizza crust, and so on) that are distributed around Boulder. Although Bella Gluten-Free has been around for a few years, they only recently came to our attention, and since they offer a gluten-free product that is readily available in Boulder, we figured we should broadcast the company’s existence and explain where you can find Bella Gluten-Free baking mixes in Boulder.

Gluten Sensitive Menu at Jason’s Deli Makes Eating Gluten-Free Easy

Jason's Deli

Being several thousand miles away from Boulder makes it a little difficult to assess new places with gluten-free food. However, when you have regular readers who together form a community of discerning eaters, as we fortunately do, it makes it a little easier to keep a pulse on the gluten-free scene in Boulder. Despite being in Austria, we were recently informed of, and received some reader reflections about, Jason’s Deli in Boulder, which has an entire “gluten sensitive” menu that outlines what is GF in the restaurant. Armed with the gluten-sensitive guide, you know exactly what you can get at the Boulder Jason’s Deli (or any of the more than 240 Jason’s Delis scattered across the U.S., for that matter).

Gluten-Free Fried Chicken at Yellowbelly in Boulder

Gluten Free Yellowbelly

As a rule, we try not to evaluate a new gluten-free eating opportunity in Boulder when we are famished. Piercing hunger can make even the most bland food delicious; a rice cake is a gourmet meal for the starving. However, a fortuitous combination of factors led us to the doorstep of Yellowbelly (occasionally written incorrectly as “Yellow Belly”) in Boulder the other night, and we weren’t going to not review the restaurant simply because we were abnormally hungry. That would be absurd. So, we ignored our rule and ate at Yellowbelly, which has been recommended to us by multiple people as an excellent restaurant with a range of gluten-free food, including, of course, gluten-free chicken. Yellowbelly is in fact delicious – it’s gluten-free fried chicken is superb – and we are confident we’d say this regardless of the extent of our hunger.

Gluten-Free Breakfast in Boulder at Dot’s Dinner

Dot's Diner Huevos Rancheros

There are two Dot’s Diners in Boulder, and both places offer plenty of gluten-free options and call attention to this fact. The Dot’s Diner menu has a text box that reports that “gluten-free options [are] available at no extra charge,” and this is one of the few pieces of information featured on the restaurant’s otherwise simple and austere website. We recently went to the 28th Street location (the other one is on of the Hill) to try something ourselves, to see if the quantity of the gluten-free choices affirmed or belied their quality.

Gluten-Free Hot Dogs at Mustard’s Last Stand in Boulder

Mustard's Last Stand

We don’t eat hot dogs very often, but when we do, we like them to be reasonably high-quality, loaded with condiments, and obviously gluten-free. This last requirement can be somewhat challenging, not only because regular hot dog buns contain gluten, but also because some hot dogs contain gluten. However, we knew that Mustard’s Last Stand uses Vienna Beef Hot Dogs, which are gluten-free, and we also recently discovered that they explicitly call attention to their gluten-free menu options, so we decided to stop into the restaurant on a recent afternoon in Boulder for a gluten-free hot dog. (We could have, for the record, stopped in for much more than a gluten-free hot dog. Mustard’s Last Stand has lots of vegetarian and vegan options, including vegetarian hot dogs and hamburgers, and there is even a vegetarian reuben.)

Vitamin Cottage, Purveyor of Gluten-Free Foods and Resources, Now Open Later!

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

If you eat gluten-free and live in Boulder, you are probably aware (or at least should be aware) of Vitamin Cottage, more expansively known Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. In addition to being a popular health food store, NGVC sells lots of gluten-free foods and supplies a number of excellent (and free) resources for the gluten-free community. We were therefore delighted to learn that Vitamin Cottage has just recently expanded their store hours at their Boulder and Layette locations, giving shoppers in the Boulder area some extra aisle-pursuing time in the morning or at night.

Free Gluten-Free Events at Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage in Boulder

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

Back at the start of the summer, we wrote about some of the free gluten-free resources offered by Natural Grocers at Vitamin Cottage. In that article, we mentioned some of the events hosted by NGVC that focus on gluten-free eating, and at last several events are on the horizon. There will be gluten-free seminars and tasting fairs in both Boulder and Lafayette in the next couple of months, and below you will find all the relevant details about these events.

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