November 27, 2010

Nick-N-Willy’s Now Offers Gluten-Free Pizza at All Colorado Locations, Not Just in Boulder!

By Evan Sandsmark -  

For over a year, Nick-N-Willy’s Pearl Street location has offered gluten-free pizza. So, if you live in Boulder and love Nick-N-Willy’s, your gluten intolerance isn’t a devastating limitation – you can still get your delicious, stone-oven baked pizza. But what do you do when you leave town? How will you get your Nick-N-Willy’s if you’re outside of Boulder? More broadly, how will anyone with celiac disease get Nick-N-Willy’s if they don’t live in a place like Boulder? Fortunately, this is no longer an issue because every Nick-N-Willy’s in Colorado – all 13 locations – offers gluten-free pizza. If you have access to a Nick-N-Willy’s in Colorado, you have access to gluten-free pizza.

This is a substantial development for a couple of different reasons. First, Nick-N-Willy’s has a huge selection of pizzas, and now every single of one of them can be made gluten-free (provided the toppings are also GF, which is largely the case, at Nick-N-Willy’s and elsewhere). Options range from the spicy Fresh Jalapeno Burn to the Big Kahuna, a highly unique creation that deliciously incorporates pineapple and mandarins. And of course, you can always create your own pizza by throwing some of the many toppings and cheeses on a gluten-free crust.

Secondly, Nick-N-Willy’s pizzas are available not only in the restaurants and by delivery, but also can be purchased prepared but unbaked, meaning you can take the pizza home and cook it yourself, which is ideal for those dinners that can’t be scheduled ahead of time. (When will the entire family be home for dinner? Who knows, but when they finally have assembled, it’s easy to throw the pizza in the oven and have a restaurant-quality meal shortly thereafter.) Normally, pizzerias offer one or two of these services, but not all three, which is why we so thoroughly welcome Nick-N-Willy’s decision to offer gluten-free pizzas at all of their Colorado locations.

How was Nick-N-Willy’s able to expand its offerings to the gluten-free crowd? Like most of the other restaurants we’ve written about, they simply purchase gluten-free pizza crusts from one of the several excellent providers of GF ingredients – in this case, The Gluten-Free Bistro – which basically makes their entire menu accessible to those with a gluten intolerance. How excellent!

You can find Nick-N-Will’s menu here:

Nick-N-Willy’s two Boulder locations:

801 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO. 80302

4800 Baseline Rd.
Unit A111
Boulder, CO. 80303

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