August 31, 2011

Lucky’s Market in Boulder Now Offers GF Products from The Gluten Free Bistro

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Lucky’s Market, a Boulder supermarket that specializes in organic and locally-grown food, is now offering several new gluten-free products that were formally only available at restaurants (like Street Legal Pizza), including gluten-free frozen pizza crust and dough ball, as well as gluten-free frozen penne and fettuccine.

These new gluten-free offerings are produced by the Gluten Free Bistro, a Boulder company founded by three gluten-intolerant individuals who were unsatisfied by the blandness of many packaged GF products they encountered. (We can probably all agree that we’ve purchased some less-than-tasty GF products at the supermarket.) To address this deficiency, they created the Bistro, which seeks to create nutritious packaged foods with excellent texture and flavor.

The Gluten Free Bistro’s new commercial relationship with Lucky’s Market appears to be highly fitting. Both company’s are locally-owned and operated, and they have a similar aim: to provide people with high-quality foods that are both healthy and delicious. Lucky’s Market new GF offerings should be greeted as welcome news to residents of North Boulder who have a gluten intolerance. Cooking gluten-free Italian dishes at home just became a lot more convenient!

If you don’t live in North Boulder, don’t worry – the Gluten Free Bistro’s product line is also available at a few other Boulder locations, including the Whole Foods Markets on Pearl, Baseline, and Alpine, as well as Alfalfa’s Market on Broadway. The Bistro’s GF products are also available at a host of restaurants in and around Boulder.

For more information about the Gluten Free Bistro, check out their website here:

The website of Lucky’s Market can be found here:

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