July 31, 2014

Lenka’s Live Foods, Entirely Gluten-Free, Vegan, Raw, and Organic

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Lenka’s Live Foods, based in Boulder, is somewhat hard to define. It is a producer of gluten-free products that are also vegan, raw, and organic, but Lenka’s is something of a consulting firm, a catering company, and an educational institute as well. All of these services are offered by Lenka Zajic, from whom Lenka’s Live Food takes its eponymous name (obviously). Given the site’s orientation, we will primarily focus on the gluten-free components of Lenka’s operation, explaining what products are on offer and where you can find them, but other dimensions of the company will be touched on as well. Everything is connected, or so goes the vacuous mantra.

Lenka’s Live Foods is only incidentally gluten-free, or in any case this feature of her products and services isn’t at all emphasized on Lenka’s Live Foods website. (We searched the entire site and found no mention of “gluten-free,” “gf,” or “gluten.”) If anything is at the center of Lenka’s, it is raw eating, which feature prominently in Lenka’s story that covers her “quest for optimal health and happiness.” However, many dietary schemes overlap – much that is raw is gluten-free, much that is gluten-free is vegan, and so on, and the bottom line is that everything Lenka’s offers is gluten-free. Whether this point is stressed (or for that matter mentioned) is of little consequence.

We can’t simply record everything Lenka’s makes because her product list is ironically impossible to list. It is constantly in flux, and “there are always new creations and variations with the seasons,” as Lenka put it to us in an email. However, there is a product’s page on Lenka’s website, and this appears to be more or less stable, or at least you could probably always order these products from Lenka and she would be happy to make them. Dessert items are the clear focus, but there other products available, like Spicy Chili Pumpkin Seeds and four types of Noritos (corn-free Doritos). And again, things are always changing – new products are born as other pass away – so the product list should not be taken as exhaustive. It gestures toward what is possible, rather than imposes limits on the scope of offerings.

As for where you can get these products, there are a couple of different options. First, you can find them where we first found them, which is at Pekoe Sip House, and you can also find them at Tonic, the oxygen bar in Boulder. Everything that we have personally sampled is absolutely delicious. Our personal favorite is her raw brownie, with her divinity bars and fig bars both a close second. The selection at both places will be limited, however, so if you want something in particular or in bulk, you’ll have to work with Lenka directly, which is the second way to get Lenka’s products. You can place an order and go to her directly (she is located in North Boulder), or she will deliver the product to you as long as your order is over $40. (Presumably, you have to be in or near Boulder.) So, you can either sample her products at a couple of places around Boulder, or you can order something directly from her (and potentially get it delivered if the price is right). It is of course also possible to try Lenka’s products in connection with her other services. Lenka can cater events or serve as a personal chef, and she also offers food preparation classes and demos, and of course these are occasions that allow you to experience her culinary talents. If you just want the product and no accompanying service, though, you have to visit Pekoe or Tonic, or contact her directly.

If you are interested in contacting Lenka’s Live Foods, your best option is to call 720-921-5550, a number that is listed all over Lenka’s website. There is also an email form, but we had trouble getting this to work, so it is probably best to place a call.

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Lenka's Live Foods, Entirely Gluten-Free, Vegan, Raw, and Organic
Lenka's Live Foods, based in Boulder, is a producer of gluten-free products that are also vegan, raw, and organic.
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