September 16, 2010

Indulge Bakery Supplies the Boulder Area with Gluten-Free Treats

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Having a sweet tooth and a gluten intolerance can be hard to reconcile. However, gluten-free residents of Boulder and the surrounding area are not without resources to meet their desire for sugary treats. Despair not, your fix can be had!

Like a few of the bakeries and shops readers of this site have seen featured before, Indulge Bakery beautifully harmonizes the need to avoid gluten and the all-too-human craving for sweets, and nothing makes this more clear than the offerings of Indulge’s menu.

Starting off on a high note, the first item listed on Indluge’s gluten-free menu is the Crustless Cheese Cake. When you see it behind the glass counter in the store, you’ll go weak in the knees. The cake can be ordered in its classic form, or you can choose a different flavor, like Mocha or Carmel Swirl. For an additional charge, you can even get your cheese cake topped with fresh fruit. Maybe eating the fruit will mitigate some of the guilt of eating a nice, fat piece of cake, as we would surely do.

Speaking of fruit, there are also GF Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (special order only) and Raspberry Upside Down Cake available on the menu, and both sound incredible. Moreover, the former can be used to lovingly (and clichély) feed your gluten-intolerant partner on a picnic, not that you need an elaborate excuse to eat chocolate-covered strawberries!

It’s no secret that nuts go great with dessert, and Indulge is clearly aware of this fact. The bakery offers a sponge-style cake that can be made with almonds, pecans, or hazelnuts. In addition to the nut selection, you can also pick fillings and frostings for the cake. This will no doubt lead to a crisis of choice, but hey, more freedom is better than less, at least in the arena of dessert ordering.

A few of you may being thinking, “yeah, this all sounds nice, but what about the full-blown chocolate desserts?! Are there any of those?” There are, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. There is an item featured on the website called the Chocolate Oblivion, and Indulge is sure to warn that a little goes a long way on the menu. You can get a lot of mileage out of a chocolate-infused slice of cake like this.

If nothing has caught your eye so far, you can always call in a special request to see if they can make it. As far as accommodating other dietary restrictions goes, Indulge can make some of its products without eggs, but they are unable to make anything totally dairy-free, at least at this time.

You can find the gluten-free part of the menu here:

The location of Indulge Bakery:

SE Corner of 95th and Arapahoe Rd.
1377 Forest Park Circle, Suite 102
Lafayette, CO 80026

Finally, here are some pictures from a recent visit:

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