August 31, 2010

In Boulder and the Surrounding Area, Diamond Baking Co. can Cater to Your Gluten Intolerance and Your Event

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Imagine this scenario: you’re about to get married and you’re trying to select a wedding cake that will be delicious and therefore broadly appealing to your guests. This is a difficult situation to be placed in, but it’s especially trying if you’re gluten intolerant. It’s hard to find a good gluten-free dessert for any occasion, let alone a wedding or other consequential event. Thankfully, Diamond Baking Co. exists to address problems precisely like the one just described, at least if your event is in or around Boulder (which, according to the company’s website, includes Longmont, Estes Park, and even Denver).

With no wheat products, rye flour, or barley flour in its kitchen, Diamond Baking Co. is an entirely gluten-free baking enterprise (for the record, the bakery can accommodate other food allergies as well). People with a gluten allergy, after all, host and celebrate special occasions just as much as everyone else – just ask Chelsea Clinton, whose recent wedding featured a nine-tier, gluten-free wedding cake. As Diamond Baking Co. puts it, “just because you need gluten free doesn’t mean your cake doesn’t have to taste great or look beautiful,” and while we don’t endorse this less-than-graceful prose, we certainly support its message!

As we already alluded to, Diamond Baking Co. offers gluten-free wedding cakes, but they also offer lots of other delicious-sounding desserts, including a couple additional varieties of cake. There are, to begin, custom layer cakes that can be made with a wide-range of flavors, including gingerbread, pumpkin, and raspberry vanilla delight, which are all “specialty” flavors, as well as more standard flavors, like chocolate and vanilla. The bakery also has cheesecake, which can be prepared plain or with caramel, chocolate, or brown sugar (or even pumpkin, depending on the season). Finally, cupcakes and their miniature version are available, and when they are marshaled together to form a wedding cupcake tower, it goes over great with the guests (not a big surprise!), according the bakery’s website.

Not into cakes? No problem: there are also cookies, brownies, scones, and tea breads available, each of which can be ordered in a variety of different flavors. The pumpkin chocolate chip cookies sound especially good, as do the cinnamon scones.

As a closing remark, it should be mentioned that all of the items described above are made with organic and locally grown ingredients when possible, according to the company’s website.

If Diamond Baking Co. has made treats for one of your events, let us know how you liked them.

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