October 22, 2014

Gluten Sensitive Menu at Jason’s Deli Makes Eating Gluten-Free Easy

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Being several thousand miles away from Boulder makes it a little difficult to assess new places with gluten-free food. However, when you have regular readers who together form a community of discerning eaters, as we fortunately do, it makes it a little easier to keep a pulse on the gluten-free scene in Boulder. Despite being in Austria, we were recently informed of, and received some reader reflections about, Jason’s Deli in Boulder, which has an entire “gluten sensitive” menu that outlines what is GF in the restaurant. Armed with the gluten-sensitive guide, you know exactly what you can get at the Boulder Jason’s Deli (or any of the more than 240 Jason’s Delis scattered across the U.S., for that matter).

The Jason’s Deli in Boulder is located on the southwest corner of 28th and Walnut. This places the deli in a heavily trafficked part of town, which is both a blessing and curse. Obviously, most sellers of goods, edible or otherwise, want to be in a place where there are lots of people. However, a place can easily be overlooked if it is jammed among lots of other stores, shops, and restaurants. And Jason’s Deli was in fact overlooked, at least by us and the reader who alerted us to its existence. Over the last couple of months, prior to leaving the country, we went directly by Jason’s Deli at least a dozen times, yet we never noticed it. Our reader also wasn’t aware of the place until a friend pointed it out, and the Boulder location has been open for about a year and a half. Overall, though, it is in a good location that is easy to get to, and we suppose that is all that really matters moving forward.

Jason’s Deli is evidently quite attuned to the needs of gluten-free eaters. In addition to the gluten-sensitive menu, which supplies a comprehensive breakdown of every gluten-free item in the deli, the regular menu also indicates what is gluten-free (or rather gluten-sensitive – “GS” on the menu – as the restaurant goes out of its way to stress that Jason’s Deli is not a gluten-free environment.) An exact parallel point can be made about the vegetarian menu, as all vegetarian dishes are noted on the regular menu as well. It is nice that the regular menu indicates the GS items because the gluten-sensitive menu isn’t posted anywhere in the shop, or at least it wasn’t when our reader visited, so if it is busy and you don’t feel like reviewing every possible gluten-free option on the GS supplement, the regular menu tells you (more or less) all the possibilities that you can order. So, a lot of same the information is available on both menus, although the gluten-sensitive information obviously presents this information in a more focused manner, and it also tells you a few details lacking from the regular menu (like which sandwich spreads and salad bar items are gluten-free).

Over all, a sizable portion of the menu is gluten-free, and this is largely thanks to the fact that Jason’s Deli offers gluten-free bread, which only costs 69 cents extra. A number of specialty sandwiches and “famous favorites” can be made gluten-free, and you can also construct your own sandwich from the list of available ingredients, which are mostly gluten-free as well. Several of the non-sandwich items are also gluten-free, like the potatoes and featured salads, and the items that can’t be made gluten-free are pretty obvious to spot, like the pasta dishes or sandwiches that use some sort of specialty bread. So, most of the menu is open to people who eat gluten-free, and Jason’s Deli makes every effort to make this as clear as possible.

Since we are, as noted, nowhere near Jason’s Deli at the moment, we have outsourced our customary review meal to the reader who called our attention to the deli in the first place. She had the California Club sandwich, obviously on gluten-free bread, which normally comes with roasted turkey breast, bacon, Swiss, guacamole, tomato, organic field greens, and mayo, all of which are GF. For whatever reason, this is one of the few sandwiches that allows you to choose your side – for the majority of sandwiches, you can only choose between chips or baked chips – and our reader decided to go with fruit, which she reported was “ok, but not amazing.” Evidently, the fruit comes with some sort of yogurt dip, but the reader rarely eats dairy, so she didn’t try it, and thus we can’t say anything about it. As for the restaurant itself, it is “bright and spacious,” with lots of nice seating areas. There are also partial walls and high ceilings in the dining area, which limited the ambient noise, thereby allowing conversations between whoever you happen to be eating with (if that happens to be anyone at all).

Overall, the reader was pleased with Jason’s Deli, and from everything we have learned about the place, it seems like one of the more accommodating eateries we have written about. By all indications, it appears worth trying, or at least we’ll be sure to stop by when we return to town, whenever that may be.

If you know of any good gluten-free restaurants or products in Boulder that are worth trying, send an email to info@glutenfreeinboulder.com, or click on the “Request a Review” link on the left side of every page. You can submit a review that you have written, or you can send us information for us to write up, as a reader did for above article. Our goal is to catalog all of the gluten-free options in Boulder and the surrounding area, and our community of readers is uniquely positioned to help us accomplish this goal.

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Gluten Sensitive Menu at Jason's Deli Makes Eating Gluten-Free Easy
Armed with the gluten-sensitive guide, you know exactly what you can get at the Boulder Jason's Deli.
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