May 7, 2014

Gluten-Free and Vegan Artisan Cheese by Kite Hill Now Available in Boulder

By Evan Sandsmark -  

In general, “gluten-free cheese” is a redundant phrase, as almost all cheese is gluten-free by default. However, some people who eat gluten-free also impose additional restrictions on their diet, which gives rise to the need for vegan cheese, which, like regular cheese, is almost always gluten-free. Historically, it’s been hard to get vegan cheese, which meant that as a gluten-free eater who also happens to be vegan, you’d have a very difficult time ever enjoying something allowed by the GF diet, cheese, and you’d have an even more difficult time enjoying artisan cheeses. Things are not so difficult anymore, and we are happy to report that an excellent artisanal cheese by Kite Hill, White Adler, is finally available at Whole Foods in Boulder. Kite Hill’s excellent vegan (and gluten-free) cheeses have hitherto only been available in Northern California, but, at long last, distribution is now nationwide.

Kite Hill White Alder Gluten Free Vegan Cheese

After years of trying vegan cheese, you might have simply given up on finding a reasonably satisfying alternative to regular cheese. Often made with soy, the vegan cheeses of yore tended to have a strange, rubbery texture and seemed to taste accordingly. These cheeses were sometimes okay when incorporated into other dishes, but most people wouldn’t want to simply snack on them in the way that people snack on regular cheeses. In these dark times, there was certainly nothing resembling a fine artisan cheese that you could pair with, say, fruit and wine, at least not to our knowledge.

It is hard to compare Kite Hill’s White Adler to any regular cheese because doing so is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. In this case, you are basically comparing regular milk to nut milk, which are, in the final analysis, fundamentally different things. As well, vegan cheese need not always cower in the shadow of regular cheese. It can have a taste profile, aroma, and texture unto itself that doesn’t need to be evaluated comparatively. So, rather than say that White Adler is not pungent like so many artisan cheeses, we’ll merely say it has a light, mellow taste, one that is ideal for pairing with similarly soft flavors (e.g., white grapes, either in their original form or fermented into white wine – this is, in fact, one of Kite Hill’s suggested pairings). Both the rind and the cheese itself are soft, so it is easy to cut into and even partially spread onto a something like a GF cracker or an apple slice. The White Adler makes an excellent snack for the spring and coming summer – a spread of crackers, grapes, and apple slices with the White Adler in the middle seems just about perfect for a light meal on the patio or in the back yard.

For more information, you can read another helpful review of Kite Hill’s vegan and gluten free white alder artisanal cheese on one of our partner sites, or you can check out the official Kite Hill web site.

Article Name
Gluten-Free and Vegan Artisan Cheese by Kite Hill Now Available in Boulder
We are happy to report that the gluten-free, vegan artisan cheese by Kite Hill, White Adler, is finally available at Whole Foods in Boulder.
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