February 14, 2012

Gluten-Free Pie at My Mom’s Pie, a Quick Trip from Boulder

By Evan Sandsmark -  

We’re not big pie eaters, but maybe we will be now, as we recently unearthed a gem of a bakery near Boulder (in Niwot) called My Mom’s Pie that makes excellent gluten-free pies. After considering the many tantalizing pie choices, which we will list in due course, we decided to order a blueberry pie, made gluten-free just for us – not that we’re special or anything. My Mom’s Pie will accommodate any request they can, and are happy to make organic pies and sugar-free pies, as well as, of course, gluten-free pies.

We’ll begin with some practical matters before we (literally) dig into the pie itself. While My Mom’s Pie does have several already-made pies that can be picked up from the bakery, you will almost certainly have to order your pie in advance if you want something specific, like a medium gluten-free blueberry pie, as we ordered. (There are periodically GF pies available at the few places that My Mom’s Pie distributes to, like Lucky’s Market, but by necessity the selection will be limited.) Placing an order isn’t much of a problem, however, as My Mom’s Pie is very prompt in addressing customer requests. We called to order our pie and picked it up a little over an hour later. Perhaps we got lucky, but the bottom line is that the bakery is efficient and will attempt to work with your schedule. The owner of the store, Kini Christie, who you will likely be ordering through, is also exceptionally nice and helpful.

More about ordering: the easiest way to order a pie is to go My Mom’s Pie’s website to look over the menu (linked to below). Here are the different pies you can choose from: Peach, Cherry, Blueberry, Blackberry-Raspberry, Apple, Pecan, Pumpkin, Strawberry/Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Green Chile Apple, Coconut Cream, Banana Cream, and Chocolate Cream. All of these pies come in three-inch (for 4$), six-inch ($9), or nine-inch sizes ($20). Once you have decided which pie you want, you can either send My Mom’s Pie an email, or you can call them to set up your order.

In terms of getting the specific pie you ordered, you have two options if you live in (or near) Boulder – you can stop by the bakery, as we did, or you can have the pie delivered, provided you need them delivered to somewhere in Boulder County. Stopping by the store is easy enough, although the bakery is somewhat hard to find, as it is tucked away in a corner in Niwot. It’s easiest to look for the Excel Electric building, a fairly large building (by Niwot standards) that is adjacent to the Diagonal Highway, and once you find this, you’ll likely see the small sign for My Mom’s Pie on the sidewalk in front of Excel. The sign directs you to the back of the building, and this is where you will find the bakery. There is another sign by the door, although perhaps you can follow your nose to the entrance. It’s worth mentioning that the bakery is just a bakery, and so it isn’t some sort of pastry shop where you can, for example, sit down to eat pie and drink coffee as you chat with your friends. It is strictly a place to produce pies and sell pies to-go.

With respect to delivery, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, My Mom’s Pie charges a delivery fee. One pie costs $3, two pies $5, and three pies $8, but if you order four or more pies, the delivery fee is waived. Second, the pies are delivered the day after My Mom’s Pie receives your order. Obviously, this is a totally reasonable and expected delay, but it’s something to keep in mind if you need pies for a specific event.

My Mom’s Pie can also ship pies (with the exception of the Banana Cream and Chocolate Cream pies because they are too fragile), but the cost is fairly high, especially if you need the pie shipped to someplace more than 500 miles away from Boulder.

Now, onto the pie itself. As we mentioned, we ordered the medium-size pie, which is six inches in diameter. This may sound like a fairly small pie, and we guess technically it is, but we’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this pie. We had a nice large slice the day we got it, and we are currently nibbling away at it, yet there is still half a pie left. As a conservative estimate, it could definitely provide dessert for four people. (In this sense, the pie reminds us a bit of the products of Pie in the Sky, which are small, but always surprisingly filling.) In part this is because the pie is fairly thick and loaded with delicious blueberry filling. However, the filling isn’t overwhelming, and it blends well with the texture of gluten-free crust, which we found extremely good. The crust crumbles apart in your mouth, scattering small crunchy flakes throughout every bite. In a word, the crust to filling ratio was perfect. The texture of the crust makes it somewhat difficult to cut a well-formed piece, but we’re sure our inability to do this has more to do with the “cutting utensil” we were using than with the nature of the pie itself. (And even if your slice of pie looks more like a mound of pie, it is still going to taste really good.)

One of the hazards of fruit pies is that the filling can be overly sweet, to the point of tasting almost artificial. This problem could not apply less to the blueberry pie we had. The filling tasted almost exactly like good blueberries, and no other flavor was readily detectable. Of course, blueberries are sweet, and so the pie filling is sweet, but it is sweet in exactly the right – that is, natural – kind of way. Obviously, this means the pie tastes good, but it also means that it pairs well with other dessert items, particularly ice cream. Since the pie isn’t overpoweringly sweet, it goes well with other sugary foods. When we first tried our pie, we had it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee – it was an experience we recommend to anyone. Moreover, when you pair it with something, this deceivingly substantial pie will last even longer.

Overall, we are definitely new fans on My Mom’s Pie. As we said, we aren’t all that into pie – the occasion to eat it doesn’t come up very often – but even our general apathy toward pie can’t quench our enthusiasm for the delicious blueberry pie we’ve been eating over the last couple of days. We highly recommend My Mom’s Pie to anyone who is looking for gluten-free pies. They are great, and buying from them supports a small business of the Boulder area. It’s a win-win.

My Mom’s Pie can be found here:
201 Murray St. Unit C
Niwot, CO 80544

And the pie menu can be found here:

My Mom’s Pies menu

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