January 29, 2014

Gluten-Free Breggos, the Popular Paninis, Now Available in Boulder

By Evan Sandsmark -  

If you frequent coffee shops in Boulder, there is a good chance you’re familiar with Breggos. Available at 21 locations in Boulder, a Breggo can be had basically anywhere you can get a caffeine fix in town. However, since they are made with bread, the original Breggos are not gluten-free, and hence have been of little interest to our readers – until now. Breggos now offers several gluten-free products, including several gluten-free burritos and at least one gluten-free Breggo. Several of Breggos’ GF offerings are also vegetarian or entirely vegan, opening Breggos’ products up to those with even the strictest dietary requirements.

Our path to discovering gluten-free Breggos was both confusing and a bit complicated. Moreover, the path has not yet come to an end, as we are still trying to figure out exactly when GF Breggos became available, and we are also trying to determine what products are offered where. The latter information is difficult to come by; as we said above, Breggos are sold at 21 locations in Boulder, and they are also available at dozens of other places across Colorado. (In Boulder and elsewhere, these places are overwhelmingly coffee shops.) Why are we seeking this information, and why haven’t we been able to get it?

Concerning the first question, Breggos are quite popular and have a lot of enthusiastic fans. A few years ago, before our gluten-free days, we had a Breggo and enjoyed it very much. Although they are sometimes called paninis, a convention we adopted in the title above, the original line of Breggos are basically like small calzones (in the sense that the fillings are often calzone-like and are fully wrapped within a piece of bread.) Apart from the taste, the thing we liked about Breggos is that one of them is essentially a full meal, a full meal made all the more notable by the fact that it is available in a coffee shop. Pastries and other sweet foods – the standard fare of the coffee shop – are great and obviously go well with coffee, but a muffin or a brownie by itself is not a very satisfying meal. When a coffee shop sells Breggos, though, something fairly hearty is always available.

Moreover, the new line of Breggos’ gluten-free products looks very good. Although the information on Breggos’ website is somewhat confusing, Breggos appears to be making six GF products: Potato Egg Cheese Breggos, Potato Green Chilis Breggos, Pinto Beans Green Chilis Breggos, Black Beans Green Chilis Breggos, Spanish Rice Breggos, and Spanish Rice Green Chilis Breggos. Although all of these are called “Breggos,” five of the six (all but the Potato Green Chili version) are actually labeled as “burritos” on their packaging. You can get a GF Breggo made with some sort of gluten-free bread, but most of the offerings are burritos. Another notable feature of the gluten-free line is that they all appear to be vegetarian, and at least a couple are made with Daiya Cheese, which is vegan, presumably making these two products vegan. (By all indications, the products in the GF line are either vegetarian or vegan, but unfortunately the ingredients aren’t listed online, so we can’t be absolutely certain. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you would of course want confirm the ingredients of the products you purchase.) Vegan or vegetarian, burrito or Breggo, the new line seems to have some delicious products. So, to answer our original question, we are seeking information about what products are offered where for the simple reason that we like Breggos and we’re excited about their new GF offerings.

As for why we haven’t been able to find all the information we are looking for, the details aren’t worth getting into, but we’ve had trouble getting in touch with someone from the company. We briefly corresponded, but then the main email with all our questions (when were the GF products released? where can we find them? etc.) went unanswered. We don’t suspect this was in any way intentional – our message probably just fell through the cracks – but after waiting a while for a response, we simply decided to move forward with the article. We’ve been able to dig up a lot of information, but obviously there are still gaps in our knowledge.

In due time, we hope to gain a more complete understanding of Breggos’ gluten-free product line, and as soon as we do, we’ll write a more complete overview of the popular snacks, or at least supplement the present article with the information we acquire. In the meantime, we hope this article will at least alert you to the basic fact that gluten-free Breggos are available, and probably at a large portion of places in Boulder given the town’s commitment to accommodating the gluten-free diet. We’ve seen them at Pekoe Sip House and Ozo Coffee, for instance, so they are around.

If you happen to know that Breggos gluten-free products are available at certain places, please let us know where in a comment below.

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