June 3, 2014

Where to Find Gluten-Free Bread in Boulder

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Despite being the number one menace to gluten-free eating, bread can still be incorporated into the GF diet, provided the bread is gluten-free. With that incredibly obvious remark out of the way, allow us to move on to the task of outlining where to find gluten-free bread in Boulder. There are any number of places in Boulder that have gluten-free bread. Dozens of the restaurants we have reviewed have GF items precisely (and often exclusively) because they offer gluten-free bread in one form or another – they’ll have a gluten-free bun so that all their sandwiches can be made gluten-free, for instance, or a pizzeria will offer a gluten-free version of their crust. All grocery stores in Boulder (besides the occasional small corner shop) will also have at least one gluten-free bread in stock. However, in order to keep the scope of this article within reasonable parameters, we’ll explain where to find the best gluten-free bread in Boulder based on our experience.

Finding gluten-free bread is a bit like finding gluten-free beer – you can either get it from a store or you can get it in a restaurant. We’ll start with the former because in this case it is simpler, as there is one gluten-free bread that really stands out to us, the Vegan Oat Bread that is available at Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. Although available in Boulder, it is actually made by Outside the Breadbox, a bakery based in Colorado Springs. The bread is excellent for sandwiches, but it can also be eaten by itself as toast. It’s definitely worth trying.

As for restaurants that offer gluten-free bread, the first that comes to mind is Fresh Thymes Bakery, an entirely gluten-free restaurant in Boulder. They have excellent and substantial gluten-free baguettes, which are used for sandwiches, and they also accompany the sherry creamed kale and wild mushroom dip. (If you just want the plain baguette, you can purchase them at Kim and Jakes, a bakery located in the Table Mesa shopping center.) Another restaurant with excellent gluten-free bread is Julia’s Kitchen and Cafe, which incidentally just moved to a bigger location. Gluten-free bread is incorporated into a number of menu items offered by Julia’s, and we highly recommend stopping by her new location for a taste. (We especially like the hummus pizza made with millet sourdough crust, which we presume is a variant of the millet sourdough she uses for a couple of other dishes.)

The places discussed above are, at least in our judgment, some of the best places to find gluten-free bread in Boulder. There are many other places to get gluten-free bread in Boulder – there are in fact many other places to get good gluten-free bread in Boulder – but not every list can be comprehensive, and we just wanted to list a few GF breads that we especially enjoy. Feel free to share your gluten-free bread suggestions below. No doubt everyone has their own personal favorites.

Article Name
Where to Find Gluten-Free Bread in Boulder
Where to find the best gluten-free bread in Boulder based on our experience.
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