November 6, 2014

Where to Find Bella Gluten-Free Baking Mixes in Boulder

By Evan Sandsmark -  

We know a product is going to be relevant to our readers when the company who makes it has “gluten-free” right in their name. Such is the case with Bella Gluten-Free, which makes gluten-free baking mixes for a variety of foods that generally aren’t gluten-free (bread, rolls, pizza crust, and so on) that are distributed around Boulder. Although Bella Gluten-Free has been around for a few years, they only recently came to our attention, and since they offer a gluten-free product that is readily available in Boulder, we figured we should broadcast the company’s existence and explain where you can find Bella Gluten-Free baking mixes in Boulder.

As we explained in our article about Jason’s Deli, we aren’t very close to Boulder at the moment. (According to Google Maps, we are about 5268 miles away.) While you can order Bella’s products online, their distribution isn’t international, and even if we managed to receive the product here in Austria, it wouldn’t exactly be in the hands of a skilled baker (or really much of a baker at all). All of this is to say that we haven’t had any direct experience with Bella Gluten-Free products, although they have garnered positive reviews online, and they have to be doing something right to be sold at or used by dozens of stores and restaurants around Colorado (and some locations outside the state as well).

As for where you can buy Bella’s products in Boulder specifically, you can find a list by clicking on the “In Stores” tab on the Bella Gluten-Free website. However, the information on this page is presented in a sub-optimal fashion, so to make things easier, here is a list of all the places that have Bella’s products in Boulder:

Wholefoods (at the Pearl St., Baseline Rd, and Alpine Rd locations)
King Soppers (at the Sunrise Center and Table Mesa locations)
Jet’s Espressoria
The Peppercorn
Mountainview Chiropractic

Bella’s products are also sold in the towns closest to Boulder (like Broomfield, Niwot, and Louisville), as well as in Longmont, where the company is based. So, if you want to try Bella’s mixes, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them – evidently you can even pick one of the mixes up during a visit to the chiropractor’s.

If you can’t manage to make it to a store that sells Bella’s products, they can be ordered online through the Bella Gluten-Free Online Store and Amazon. (The company also reports that you can buy them through a site called, but that site appears to have been abandoned.) Bella’s product line isn’t particularly extensive – there are only the All Purpose Baking Mix, MultiGrain Sandwich Bread Mix, and the Pizza Dough, Rolls and Focaccia Mix – so the stores that carry the product should have the different kinds of mixes. However, the one advantage of the online store (assuming you have the option of easily getting to a physical store instead) is that you can buy different sizes of the products, and there are also sales (at least at the moment) for buying multiple bags of mix at once.

Online or in a store, Bella Gluten-Free products are readily available if the urge to make your own GF bread, pizza crust, or other baked good strikes you. If you have tried any of the Bella Gluten-Free mixes before, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Article Name
Where to Find Bella Gluten-Free Baking Mixes in Boulder
We know a product is going to relevant to our readers when the company who makes it has "gluten-free" right in their name.
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