August 27, 2010

Cosmic Chocolates of Boulder Gluten-Free and Raw

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Chocolate is made in a number of different ways and with a variety of different ingredients, but you might assume that the fundamental components of chocolate – regardless of what kind we’re talking about – would stay relatively constant. It’s hard to imagine the production of chocolate not involving, at the absolute least, something so basic as sugar. However, it would be a mistake to assume it can’t be done.

Barbara Yeager of Boulder not only does not use sugar in her Cosmic Chocolates, she also doesn’t use dairy, soy, wax, or (you guessed it) gluten. A “phenomenal leader with genius, wit, tremendous talent, and unstoppable energy,” at least according to her website, Yeager makes chocolate without traditional ingredients, and there is a benefit to doing so: it leaves you feeling good, or at least no worse than before you ate it, and this is true even after you’ve eaten a few, according to Yeager.

Normally, eating chocolate is a guilt-inducing enterprise, comparable in most peoples’ minds to, say, stopping at a fast-food restaurant to fulfill a junk-food craving during a moment of weakness. But eating chocolate doesn’t have to be this way if it’s made with the right stuff.

Central to Yeager’s chocolate is raw cacao, which is (among other things) a rich source for magnesium and is gaining a reputation as a weight-loss food, according to Yeager’s site. It is this ingredient that is featured most prominently in her eight chocolates, which include a fudge that is crusted with ground almonds and a mint chocolate that is comparable to a mint patty.

Although Yeager’s chocolates are made with the finest ingredients – all parts of the chocolate are organic and raw, with the latter indicating that no ingredient has been processed at a temperature over 115 degrees F – they are also “filled with who I am,” according to a video on her website.

Consequently, Yeager says, “these chocolates are where I really show up in life. When you eat my chocolates, you’re experiencing all that I truly be – the energy, the light, the love. Everything.”

As far as we know, this isn’t an empirically verifiable claim. However, we do know that you can purchase Yeager’s chocolates at the following website so you can see how they make you feel:

What’s more, Yeager’s chocolates are available in and around Boulder, including such places as Berry Best Smoothies, the Boulder Bookstore, the gift shop in the Boulderado Hotel, and the Red Frog coffee shop in Longmont. For a complete list of the locations where you can find Cosmic Chocolates, visit the link above.

If you try Cosmic Chocolates, please let us know what you think of them!

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