September 17, 2015

Boulder’s Blooming Beets Offers Their Paleo Recipes for Free!

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Regular readers of Gluten Free in Boulder will recognize that we previewed Blooming Beets last year, before they opened, and we have since eaten there several times, and their food is fantastic!

It is the place to go if you are gluten-free, or vegan or both, even if you aren’t paleo! And it is Boulder’s only paleo restaurant!

Blooming Beets has been open for a bit over a year now, and in a very competitive restaurant environment they have managed to not only survive, but to thrive. Their food is consistently wonderful, and of course, being paleo, it is so good for you! Now Blooming Beets is sharing some of their favorite recipes with you so that you can make these delicious dishes at home! Here is the announcement that Iva sent to us!

Blooming Beets wants you to start cooking paleo at home

Boulder, Co: Paleo, aka the caveman diet, is one of the fastest growing health trends in Colorado and across the nation. The Paleo diet, with its focus on anti-inflammatory foods, has seen rapid adoption amongst athletes, health food junkies, and people with food allergies. With Boulder’s role as a trend leader in natural foods, it didn’t take long before a paleo restaurant popped up in Boulder. Blooming Beets Kitchen, however, goes beyond feeding patrons healthy dishes. In an effort to “bring Paleo home”, Blooming Beets Kitchen has announced they will be giving away exclusive recipes for some of their signature dishes.

“Imagine yourself trying to not just avoid gluten, but also avoid all grains, vegetable oil, processed sugar, and dairy. You will feel great from the get-go, your energy will improve, but all your favorite restaurants will become off-limits, and the time and effort you spend on cooking will soon become too much.” says Iva Paleckova, the founder of Blooming Beets Kitchen. “When I started eating that way, I found myself limited to only one or two dishes at most restaurants, and even then I had to make a lot of substitutions and compromises with my diet.”

Paleckova dreamed of a health food restaurant where everything on the menu was compatible with the Paleo diet. In June of 2014, Paleckova opened her restaurant, Blooming Beets Kitchen, in Boulder CO. Blooming Beets claims to have changed the standard of healthy food. From creative dishes, beautiful plating, innovative use of ingredients and accommodating staff that totally gets your need, regardless of your experience. Paleckova also adds: “Healthy does not mean boring, fine dining experience doesn’t mean small portions lacking flavor”.

Blooming Beets is not just unique for its adherence to Paleo nutrition; Paleckova has taken the unusual step of giving away the recipes behind the innovative dishes on the menu.

“We don’t keep our recipes secret. We usually have 4 recipes on hand to give away from our menu. During First Bite Boulder, we plan to give away all of our recipes so that all the guests can learn how to cook the entire three course menu at home!’

To make reservations at Blooming Beets Kitchen, visit or call 303.443.3479.

Iva Paleckova
Founder of Blooming Beets Kitchen

Article Name
Boulder's Blooming Beets Offers Their Paleo Recipes for Free!
We received this notice from Blooming Beets owner and proprieter Iva Paleckova, and we're very excited to share it with you!
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