May 8, 2012

Bogey’s in Boulder has a Huge Menu with Many Gluten-Free Options

By Evan Sandsmark -  

As readers of Gluten Free in Boulder probably know, it is our habit to dine at restaurants in Boulder that offer gluten-free options, and then report on our experience at these restaurants. However, it’s rather difficult to review a restaurant in person when you are several thousand miles away. As we explained in our last post, the primary reviewer for this site is in Europe, but this won’t stop us or our main reviewer from publishing articles about gluten-free food in Boulder. We’ll be writing articles about places you can find gluten-free food in Boulder, and then once our reviewer returns, he will visit these restaurants to write a proper review. Our first long distance offering centers on Bogey’s, more fully known as Bogey’s Eatery and Spirits, the owner of which recently wrote to us to ask if we might let our readers know that they have several gluten-free options available. Ask and you shall receive, which is a lesson that we encourage other restaurant owners to heed (email us here:

Bogey’s is located slightly outside of Boulder, on the east side of the Diagonal Highway as you drive toward Longmont. It’s a few exits before Niwot, the location of the excellent pie bakery My Mom’s Pies, the subject of a recent review. So, it’s not in the heart of Boulder, but it’s also not very far away. Bogey’s is certainly worth keeping in mind if you’re in this area and in need of a gluten-free meal, and for all we know it’s worth the drive even if you aren’t on the outskirts of Boulder for reasons unrelated to eating. It might be a nice place to bike to as well depending on where you live in Boulder (if indeed you live in Boulder).

The most notable thing about Bogey’s menu is that it is enormous, in large part because Bogey’s is one of those rare restaurants that has the ambition to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The breakfast menu, which is available from 7:00 AM to 1:30 PM on weekdays and 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM on weekends, appears particularly extensive and includes about everything you might want for your first meal of the day. Of course, we’re not interested in the menu per se, but rather its gluten-free options, of which there are many.

Because pancakes and waffles are not gluten-free to begin with, it is perhaps most notable that Bogey’s has several different pancakes and waffles that can be made GF (with a $1 surcharge). With respect to pancakes, there are six different kinds – Traditional Cakes, Chocolate Chip, Banana Walnut, Blueberry, P.B. Banana (with the “p.b.” standing for “peanut butter”), and Boulder, which is made with granola in the batter and topped with fresh fruit. With the exception of this last option – the Boulder pancakes – every one of these options is gluten-free simply because GF batter is used. (The last option would generally not be gluten-free because it is made with granola, which doesn’t necessarily contain gluten, but more often than not does because it is made with oats that are cut in the same mills that process gluten-containing grains, including wheat. However, Bogey’s actually makes gluten-free granola, so even the Boulder pancakes are gluten-free.) The fact that there are gluten-free pancakes also means that you can make GF combination plates, like the fourth one listed on the menu, which comes with a pancake, an egg, and two slices of bacon. Complimenting the gluten-free pancakes are three kinds of waffles – Banana Walnut and Blueberry, along with a traditional rendition – and all of these can be made gluten-free.

We are always especially appreciative of restaurants that offer a gluten-free version of dishes that are otherwise not gluten-free. Lots of foods are of course naturally gluten-free (this seems especially true of breakfast foods), meaning that many establishments have GF options without making any sort of conscious effort, but this is definitely not the case with Bogey’s given their impressive selection of gluten-free pancakes and waffles, as well as their house-made granola. And the gluten-free options do not stop here. There is an organic, steal-cut oatmeal that is gluten-free (served with bananas and raisins, along with milk and sugar on the side), and the cups of seasonal fruit are gluten-free as well. Thanks to corn tortillas, the huevos rancheros are GF, and as we never tire of saying, we love huevos rancheros (just check out our articles on Walnut Cafe and The Buff).

On to lunch. The lunch menu is available for the majority of Bogey’s day. You can start ordering lunch items as early as 11:00 AM (a full two and a half hours before breakfast ceases to be served) and these selections are then available until Bogey’s stops serving food at 9:30 at night. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many gluten-free options for lunch because the vast majority of the items offered are sandwiches and burgers, and as of this writing, there is not gluten-free bread available for these selections. This is a bit of a shame because there are tons of different sandwiches, including several cold and hot varieties, six different cheese steak sandwiches, and ten burgers. However, you are not totally out of luck if you visit Bogey’s during lunch. You could have fresh-cut french fries as an appetizer (you could also order sweet potato fries, which are listed as an appetizer as well), and there are two salads available that are gluten-free: the Energy Salad – made with a spring mix and topped with avocado, red onion, cucumber, cilantro, roasted red peppers, carrots and sunflower seeds – or the Greek Salad, a house salad that comes with feta cheese, artichoke hearts, and kalamata olives, to which you can add grilled chicken, portabella, shrimp, or steak for an extra $4. These salads can be served with Thousand Island, fat-free Italian, honey mustard, sweet citrus, or balsamic vinaigrette dressing, as all of these are gluten-free.

If the lunch menu is a little sparse with respect to gluten-free offerings, the dinner menu is an embarrassment of riches, as every single dinner entree is gluten-free. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that every item on the dinner menu is gluten-free (because there are several pastas), but all seven of the entrees are, as are most of the sides you can order with your entree, including roasted garlic mashed potatoes, a baked potato, applesauce, steamed veggies, the vegetable of the day, French fries, or rice pilaf. The entrees involve the typical stuff of main courses, like chicken, steak, and fish, although there is also a tasty-sounding vegetarian dish featuring baked portabella caps. And as we said, the lunch items are available all day, so you could also order a salad during dinner if you are a vegetarian and don’t feel like the portabella entree.

Before concluding, it is essential to add that we have only listed gluten-free options that were directly referenced by the owner as being gluten-free. Many other dishes can easily be made gluten-free, and not just in principle: the owner specifically said this over our email correspondance. It should be very easy to get, say, a gluten-free omelet because most of the omelets contain GF ingredients. You would merely have to ask your server to hold the toast (along with any other gluten-containing component of the dish) that comes on the side. This same logic applies to other breakfast dishes, salads, and so on. As always, you should inform your server of your food allergies, and he or she should be able to guide your through the menu.

You can find that menu here it is:

Bogey’s Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Menu

And the restaurant itself can be found here:

6525 Gunpark Dr. Suite 380
Boulder, CO 80301

Check back later for an in-person review of Bogey’s! In the meantime, however, know that the owner and editor of this site recently ate at Bogey’s. She tried the gluten-free pancakes, thought they were awesome, and gives the restaurant her stamp of approval.

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