August 15, 2014

Birch Benders Gluten-Free Pancakes and Waffles, Available in Boulder

By Evan Sandsmark -  

Pancakes and waffles, like any other products made with flour, cannot be consumed by someone on a gluten-free diet. It is a cruel reminder of the sacrifices inherent to a gluten-free life, especially if this condition is medically necessary. However, great strides have been made in the gluten-free culinary world – gluten-free products are now both more abundant and of higher quality – and pancakes and waffles are a case in point thanks to companies like Birch Benders. We recently discovered that Birch Benders gluten-free pancakes and waffles, or rather their gluten-free pancake and waffles mixes, are available in Boulder and wanted to spread the news far and wide.

The reason we are excited about Birch Benders gluten-free pancake and waffle mix is that the company makes high-quality products that are well-regarded by consumers, and thus we are happy their offerings are now open to those who eat gluten-free. All of their products are free of trans fats, non-GMO, and certified organic by CCOF, and the care that they put into their mixes approaches heroic. It took over a year for Birch Benders to develop their recipes, and then they spent another six months performing double-blind tests on each ingredient in the mix. During this period of testing, they sampled every organic flour in the U.S. So, they take their pancake and waffle mixes seriously, and this same level of dedication has been applied to the gluten-free mix, which is made with GF flours and hazelnut meal.

It is great that Birch Benders has put a lot of thought into their mixes and that they are made with high-quality ingredients, but perhaps the company’s greatest selling point is the ease with which you can make their pancakes. Most decent pancake mixes require the addition of eggs and milk, and if they don’t, the resulting pancake is generally sub-par. In other words, you are forced to decide between quality and convenience, and that decision isn’t always easy to make. Birch Benders declared the dichotomy false, making a first-rate mix that requires only the addition of water. In fact, if you get Birch Benders marquee product, the pancake and waffle mix in a jar, you can add the water directly to the container, shake it, and pour the batter directly onto a skillet. Making a pancake couldn’t be easier, and you can do it any place that has water, a flat cooking surface, and a heat source.

There are a couple of relevant points about Birch Benders product line to make as we conclude. First, the company refers to all of their products as “pancake and waffle mixes,” and while you could no doubt make waffles with the batter, the company is pretty clearly in the pancake business first and foremost. The company calls itself a “micro-pancakery,” a play on the word “microbrewery,” and pancakes are emphasized far more on the Birch Bender website than waffles. One gets the sense that they decided to call their product a pancake and waffle mix upon realizing that they are essentially the same thing, even though waffles weren’t a part of their original focus or vision. This isn’t a criticism, but merely the unavoidable conclusion you will reach if you care to read everything on their website. Second, Birch Benders technically has seven products, but only one of them is gluten-free. They have a bunch of delicious-sounding flavors, like Six Grain Cinnamon and White Chocolate Macadamia, but unfortunately these are variants of the regular, gluten-containing mix. Of course, you can modify the gluten-free mix however you want when you make them, but you can’t order it from Birch Benders with any particular flavor.

If you are interested in trying Birch Benders, they sell all their products through an online shop, and you can also use their store locator to find the nearest retailer that sells Birch Benders. There are many locations in Boulder that sell the pancake mix, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting some if you want it. If you try (or have tried) Birch Benders, let us know what you what you think about them in a comment below.

Article Name
Birch Benders Gluten-Free Pancakes and Waffles, Available in Boulder
We just discovered that Birch Benders gluten-free pancake and waffle mixes are available in Boulder and wanted to spread the news far and wide.
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