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The Waffle Cakes Food Truck, Maker of Gluten-Free Waffle Cakes, is Now Operating Around Boulder and Longmont

If you recently saw a food truck selling waffle cakes around the Boulder, Denver, and Longmont area, you saw Waffle Cakes, the Colorado company that sells an astonishing variety of waffle cakes – including gluten-free waffle cakes – out of their new, specially-designed bus. We recently wrote about the well-regarded business and their gluten-free waffle cakes, but at the time they were still waiting for their bus (i.e., food truck) to be finished, which was necessary to complete before Waffle Cakes could offer gluten-free options and a full espresso bar. After a few delays, the food truck is now operational and it looks awesome.

Excellent Gluten-Free Italian Food at Pastavino in Boulder

A little over two months ago, Pastavino, an excellent Italian restaurant with lots of gluten-free options, opened on Pearl Street in Boulder. We like Italian food and we need gluten-free food, so we knew it was only a matter of time before we visited Pastaivo. It was, as predicted, only a matter of time, as we ate at Pastavino on a recent afternoon. It’s an excellent restaurant with great service, so we recommend readers give Pastavino a try if they are ever looking for gluten-free Italian food in Boulder.

Boom Frozen Yogurt Bar in Boulder Offers Lots of Local, Gluten-Free Toppings and Vegan Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt tends to be gluten-free, so the fact that Boom frozen yogurt buffet serves gluten-free frozen yogurt isn’t extraordinary. What makes Boom relevant to the gluten-free scene in Boulder is that they have so many gluten-free toppings, gluten-free toppings that also happen to be sourced from local Boulder companies. (Well, not all of them are – there are dozens of toppings – but several of them are, and Boom openly attempts to source their products from local Boulder companies whenever possible.) Boom also has a frozen “yogurt” made with almond milk, so there are gluten-free vegan frozen yogurt options as well. On a hot Boulder afternoon a few days ago, we went to Boom to check them out; we weren’t disappointed.

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