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Native Foods Opens, Bringing Delicious Gluten-Free Vegan Food to Boulder

We recently wrote about Native Foods opening a store in Boulder, an event that we were extremely pleased to announce. Native Foods is one of our all-time favorite restaurants, and we were beside ourselves with anticipation awaiting its official opening. When it opened, we pounced, visiting the restaurant within mere days of its opening (and we have visited it multiple times since). As we described in considerable detail in our last article about Native Foods, the restaurant has a wide range of gluten-free options, especially if you’re familiar with the restaurant’s offerings. Native Foods is also an entirely vegan operation, meaning, of course, that it offers the ever-elusive gluten-free vegan food – some of the best vegan food we’ve ever had, we hasten to add. It’s hard enough finding vegan food and gluten-free food, and harder still to find a dish that adheres to both dietary restrictions, but you can find plenty of delicious options at Native Foods. It is beyond amazing and we give it our highest possible recommendation.

Bogey’s Gluten-Free Options Confirmed to be Good

Bogey’s, a restaurant near Boulder with a robust gluten-free selection, first came to our attention during an international adventure. We were thousands of miles away from Boulder when the owner emailed us about his gluten-free dishes, so we remotely wrote an article about Bogey’s gluten-free offerings, and then promised that we would visit the restaurant when we returned home to check it out in person. This in-person visit just occurred, and we are happy to report that Bogey’s is a fine restaurant overall, in addition to being a gluten-free friendly establishment. We knew the latter and have now confirmed the former.

Casa Alvarez of Boulder and its Excellent Gluten-Free Mexican Food

Every so often, humans are struck with the urge to consume a particular type of food. As humans, we experience this desire too. Our most recent urge centered on Mexican food, which is fairly easy to come by in a place like Boulder, so we set off to find some gluten-free Mexican food. A little research led us to Boulder’s Casa Alvarez, a Mexican restaurant with a large selection of gluten-free food (and therefore, of course, gluten-free Mexican food). Their selection is so large, in fact, that they have an entirely separate menu detailing their gluten-free dishes. This menu and the excellent dishes on it make Casa Alvarez a perfect place to get gluten-free Mexican food in Boulder.

The Gluten-Free Treats at The Tasterie Truck, Boulder’s Dessert Truck

“We are so many things,” writes Shannon Aten of The Tasterie Truck. “It’s hard to put in writing.” It must be hard – The Tasterie Truck is so many things, including, most relevantly to us, a supplier of excellent gluten-free treats (like gluten-free cupcakes and gluten-free popsicles, and occasionally a specialty item like gluten-free crème brûlée). However, Aten, the founder of the dessert truck whose business partner (Nathan Miller) is the former head pastry chef at The Kitchen, had a good way of putting her overall business model to us in an email: “we are a full-service bakery that has a truck instead of a storefront.” The on-the-go bakery is frequently in and around Boulder, so if you haven’t already stopped by, we recommend you give them a visit to try one of their excellent gluten-free bakery items or treats.

Looking for Gluten-Free Mexican Food in Boulder? Try Agave.

In Boulder, near the corner of 28th and Valmont, tucked away in the corner of a multi-ethnic strip mall with a place called “India’s Grocery” and a Chinese restaurant, you will find Agave, a wonderful Mexican restaurant with an abundance of gluten-free food (and gluten-free margaritas). We’ve known about their gluten-free options for a couple of weeks now, and a few acquaintances have recommended the place to us, so we went to check them out recently. The food was great, the service excellent, and gluten-free possibilities extensive, so we highly recommend Agave in Boulder.

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