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National Celiac Awareness Month, a Month You Should Actually Be Aware of, Starts Today

It is the first day of May, making it May Day, as many already know. What is probably less well known is that today is also the first day of National Celiac Awareness Month, and given our relentless preoccupation with the gluten-free scene in Boulder, it is only proper that we mark this important month by announcing the arrival of its beginning. We call the month “important,” and you might find this questionable given how many awareness days, weeks, and months there are every year (and the list only seems to grow longer). Periods of awareness are a dime a dozen, you might think, making them cheap, just as the idiom implies. Be this as it may, National Celiac Awareness Month is important for the simple reason that Celiac disease is precisely the type of thing that awareness months seek to illuminate: more people do need to be aware of Celiac disease and the gluten-free diet it requires. Around three million Americans have Celiac disease, but the overwhelming majority of these people – about 95 percent – don’t even know it. Perhaps this percentage is less dismal in Boulder, where gluten-free eating has more or less become mainstream, but the lack of awareness about Celiac disease really is a problem, and hence the month and the importance we assign thereto.

Bogey’s in Boulder has a Huge Menu with Many Gluten-Free Options

As readers of Gluten Free in Boulder probably know, it is our habit to dine at restaurants in Boulder that offer gluten-free options, and then report on our experience at these restaurants. However, it’s rather difficult to review a restaurant in person when you are several thousand miles away. (Speaking of which: Greetings from Munich, Germany!) But we won’t let the Atlantic Ocean come between us and our commitment to explaining the gluten-free options available at Boulder eateries, and so over the next few weeks, while your intrepid reviewer is drifting across Europe, we will post information about additional restaurants around Boulder that provide gluten-free offerings, and then follow up with a review of those restaurants when we return to our homeland. Our first long distance offering centers on Bogey’s, more fully known as Bogey’s Eatery and Spirits, the owner of which recently wrote to us to ask if we might let our readers know that they have several gluten-free options available. Ask and you shall receive, which is a lesson that we encourage other restaurant owners to heed (email us here: info@glutenfreeinboulder.com).

Qrunch Foods Releases Gluten-Free Vegan Burger in Spicy Italian

We recently reviewed Qrunch Burgers, which are vegan and gluten-free burgers that you can find in several supermarkets around Boulder (and other places in Colorado and indeed the U.S.). Vegan burgers have kind of a bum rap, as does gluten-free food in general (although this is less true in Boulder), with many people thinking of them as unexciting and tasteless. This wasn’t our experience with Qrunch Burgers, and we don’t think it will be either when we try their newest offering – Spicy Italian Burgers – which will be available in Boulder later this month.

The Last Crumb, a Bakery with Products that are “Flavor Full,” but Gluten-Free

The average bakery isn’t known for its gluten-free offerings. In fact, most bakeries are decidedly not gluten-free friendly, not out malice toward their gluten-intolerant brethren, but simply because standard flour (i.e., flour that contains wheat) is used in so many of the products that bakeries produce and sell. So, we are always delighted to learn of bakeries that are entirely gluten-free. They fill a key niche and play a welcomed role in this increasingly gluten sensitive world. One such bakery is The Last Crumb, which isn’t located in Boulder, but rather Littleton, although they have a connection with Boulder in that Larkburger uses The Last Crumb’s gluten-free hamburger buns.

Where to Find Gluten-Free Waffle Cakes

Almost exactly one year ago, a new gluten-free vendor hit the streets of Colorado, happily near (but not yet in) Boulder. The business is called Waffle Cakes, and they operate out of a truck that sells not only regular and gluten-free waffle cakes, but also espresso-based drinks, including a number of different specialty lattes. By every account we’ve read or heard, Waffle Cakes is awesome, and since they have a gluten-free cake available, we felt morally obligated to announce their existence (in case you don’t know of them already) and tell you where to find these treats.

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