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Gluten Free Registry Explained, and a List of Gluten Free Restaurants in Boulder Too

When out for a gluten-free meal the other day, we came across a sign posted on the outside of a Boulder establishment that offers gluten-free options. The sign merely advertised that the restaurant in question could be found in the Gluten Free Registry (glutenfreeregistry.com), a free website requiring no membership or login that has amassed an enormous list of gluten-free food suppliers – including restaurants, bakeries, grocers, and caterers – around the country.

Naked Pizza, New to Boulder, Offers Delicious and Healthy Gluten-Free Pizza

Exactly two weeks ago, Naked Pizza opened a location in Boulder, and, having just tried their delicious gluten-free pizza this afternoon, we can report that this is excellent news. If you like pizza and follow a gluten-free diet, we strongly urge you to try Naked Pizza, which is located near the corner of 28th and Arapohoe, right by Qdoba. It is really good.

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