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Gluten-Free Food, and only Gluten-Free Food, Available at Suki Thai Noodle House in Boulder

When we walked into Suki Thai Noodle House this afternoon in Boulder in search of gluten-free Thai food, one of the first things we noticed was a yellow sign placed on the ordering side of the counter. In so many words, it said, “All menu items gluten-free, and we don’t charge you extra like those other guys.” The words “all” and “other” are underlined.

Gluten-Free Dishes Available at Centro, One of Boulder’s Most Acclaimed Restaurants

Centro Latin Kitchen and Refreshment Palace, located on the west end of Pearl Street in Boulder, has garnered plenty of praise, as a quick look at the numerous positive reviews posted on its website reveals. Westword proclaimed it one of the five best restaurants in Boulder, and 5280 Magazine ranks Centro among the ten best new restaurants in Denver (even though it’s in Boulder – evidently, they conceive of Denver city limits liberally). We can do nothing but echo these positive sentiments – and mention that they have some gluten-free menu items – after our meal there this afternoon.

Tres Pupusas, Creator of Gluten-Free Latin Food, Opens Café in Boulder

We recently reported that Tres Pupusas plans to open a café in Boulder that sells their increasingly popular gluten-free pupusas, frozen packages of which are now available at a dozen Front Range locations (mostly Whole Foods Markets). A few weeks ago, Tres Pupusas Latin Café officially opened, so, naturally, we had to pay them a visit to try a couple of gluten-free items.

Breeze Bars’ Gluten-Free Energy Bars Available Throughout Boulder

As soon as you need something, you can never find it. Following a tip we received a few weeks ago, we woke up this morning and decided to hunt down some Breeze Bars, a company that makes gluten-free energy bars that are available in Boulder and other Colorado locations (along with locations in Montana, New York, and Tennessee). We’ve seen the gluten-free bars, which are also dairy-free, many times before around Boulder, so we figured it couldn’t be easier to track a couple down. Not quite.

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