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Brasserie Ten Ten in Boulder has Gluten-Free Options on the Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner Menu!

Downtown Boulder has tons of great restaurants, and if you happen to be gluten intolerant, this characteristic alone should not prevent you from eating at any one of them. It seems cruel to deny people the pleasure of an excellent dining experience just because they have a food allergy. But this is of course a normative statement – because something shouldn’t be the case doesn’t mean that it is in fact not the case – and perhaps our desire to open up all restaurants to gluten-free dieters is a mere wish, a vain hope grounded in nothing more than the fleeting mist of private whimsy. This is probably true overall – not all restaurants can accommodate the gluten-free diet – but it is certainly not true of one of the great restaurants of Boulder’s downtown, Brasserie Ten Ten, which has gluten-free items available during every meal they serve: brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Hapa Sushi’s Extensive Gluten-Free Menu Expands Options for Local GF Dieters

Sushi is a divisive food. You either love it or you don’t, much like a sports team or a politician. (Seriously, how many people kinda like or dislike Sarah Palin. No, you’re with her or against her, plain and simple.) There are some people who are really enthusiastic about sushi, ever-ready for a few rounds of rolls, and others simply don’t care for it. In Boulder and elsewhere, the sphere of raw fish leaves no room for the undecided.

Large Selection of Gluten-Free Vietnamese Food Available at Boulder’s Black Pepper Pho

There is much to admire about Vietnamese food. It’s delicious, reasonably easy to find (at least in Boulder, for whatever reason), and, as we learned this afternoon, overwhelmingly gluten-free, at least at Black Pepper Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant located near Pearl Street and 28th. After learning that Black Pepper Pho has GF items available, we decided to stop by for a meal. We weren’t disappointed.

A Gluten-Free Visit to the Original Pancake House in Boulder

When you wake up some mornings, you just feel like a serious breakfast. A piece of fruit and coffee isn’t always sufficient. Today we found ourselves with such a craving, and since we just learned that the Original Pancake House in Boulder has gluten-free pancakes available, we decided to stop in and try them.

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