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PF Changs at the Flatiron Crossing Mall has an Extensive Gluten-Free Menu!

Anybody who has eaten at PF Changs knows that their menu is massive. When looking it over, one is often seized with more than a bit of anxiety: “How can I ever be sure I reviewed the options thoroughly enough to know I made the right decision? It’s not possible, I tell you!” Now individuals who prefer (or must have) their food gluten-free can partially experience this crisis of choice, for, indeed, PF Changs has an impressive array of gluten-free goods.

VG Burgers has Several Gluten-Free Menu Items!

VG Burgers bills itself as a quick-serve restaurant, and while the service may be quick (unfortunately, I can’t say because I have yet to eat there), it is very different from any fast-food eatery you’ve likely encountered. First and most notably, everything on the menu is 100 percent vegan and organic. I doubt there is a single item on most fast-food restaurants that can claim that status. And more relevantly to this site’s readers, there are several items on the menu that are gluten free!

Fourth Annual Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food Fair on the Horizon

The Denver Metro Celiac Spruce Chapter will host the fourth annual Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food Fair next weekend at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, CO.

Gluten-Free Options at Noodles and Company

The Boulder-based Noodles & Company has gluten-free options available, but they’re not exactly in plain sight. Instead, they have a nutrition/allergen chart to reference, which is available online and at store locations, and with just the slightest degree of ingenuity, you can come up several gluten-free items to order.

Beau Jo’s has an Entire Gluten-Free Menu!

Everybody likes pizza, or at least it seems that way. When you’re a child, you love pizza. When you’re in college, it’s practically all you eat. And even well into adulthood, pizza remains a staple of the human diet. It’s abundantly available and varies widely in style, and it’s basically impossible to live outside the range of a pizza delivery service. (I don’t really have to worry about people challenging this last remark because if they can’t order pizza, they probably don’t have internet access to read this post either).

Cosmic Chocolates of Boulder Gluten-Free and Raw

Chocolate is made in a number of different ways and with a variety of different ingredients, but you might assume that the fundamental components of chocolate – regardless of what kind we’re talking about – would stay relatively constant. It’s hard to imagine the production of chocolate not involving, at the absolute least, something so basic as sugar. However, it would be a mistake to assume it can’t be done. Barbara Yeager of Boulder not only does not use sugar in her Cosmic Chocolates, she also doesn’t use dairy, soy, wax, or (you guessed it) gluten.

Adaba Foods in Boulder is Gluten Free From Top to Bottom

When creating content for this site, we are confronted with the task of categorizing the subject on which we write. Normally, this is simply enough: a restaurant is, well, a restaurant, and hence it is categorized as such. And the same goes for recipes and products. However, Adaba Foods, which is based in Boulder, presents an interesting classification challenge because the company seems to offer about every service a gluten-free eater – or really any eater, for that matter – might want.

In Boulder and the Surrounding Area, Diamond Baking Co. can Cater to Your Gluten Intolerance and Your Event

Imagine this scenario: you’re about to get married and you’re trying to select a wedding cake that will be delicious and therefore broadly appealing to your guests. This is a difficult situation to be placed in, but it’s especially trying if you’re gluten intolerant. It’s hard to find a good gluten-free dessert for any occasion, let alone a wedding or other consequential event. Thankfully, Diamond Baking Co. exists to address problems precisely like the one just described.

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